Billy and the GOAT

Billy and the GOAT

Billy Yancey

Ever Get So High On Marijuana You Don't Know Which Way Is Up?

February 13, 2023   ●   20 min

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You ever get so high on marijuana you forget which way is up? Many years ago, I got challenged to take a bong hit. It was less than pleaseant! One of the dumbest things I have done, EVER! Aside from the anxiety, nervousness, and panicky feelings I was experiencing, for the life of me I could not find my way out of the parking lot! Years later, I tried to beat up a service attendant at a tire store. And, as time passed I got worse. I disrespected my business. Truth be told, I have learned a plethora of lessons from my son, William, regarding the fruit of the Spirit. They are attributes we all should harness and live by. I am Billy Yancey. God Is THE GOAT!

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