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  • CCME Cast and Crew ReactionsCCME Cast and Crew Reactions
    Cast and filmmaker interviews on the set and at the screening of Cannot Close My Eyes The Official Music Video. The video features performances by One Truth as well as the youth of Lifesprings Church in Torrance, California. It was directed by Bri...overtime2010-10-02T01:48:141,270 views00:04:13
  • One Truth - Cannot Close My Eyes - The Official Music VideoOne Truth - Cannot Close My Eyes - The Official Music Video
    The release of the Official Music Video: Cannot Close My Eyes! The video, written by Jonathan Strand, Jahmal Holland and Brian Booth, was directed by Brian Booth (Brian Booth Photography) and edited by Clio Award winner Roger Morse.

    The son...
    overtime2010-10-02T01:48:141,394 views00:03:43
  • One Truth - Cannot Close My Eyes Music Video TrailerOne Truth - Cannot Close My Eyes Music Video Trailer
    The Trailer for the Official Music Video - Cannot Close My Eyes. By One Truth from the EP Overtime - 2009 Bakertown Recordsovertime2010-10-02T01:43:421,263 views00:00:26
  • One Truth "The Prodigal"One Truth "The Prodigal"
    Music video set in the 70s. A rendering of the parable of the prodigal son. A young man leaves his father's home in search of fame and fortune. He discovers the harsh realities of life outside of his father's direction and covering.overtime2010-10-02T01:42:211,071 views00:05:21
  • Hip Hope International: LondonHip Hope International: London
    A look back at some of the great and awesome things The Lord did during Hip Hope International's recent event in London!overtime2010-10-02T01:15:581,252 views00:05:20
  • Christian Beef - Episode 1Christian Beef - Episode 1
    One Truth vs Westgrimovertime2010-10-02T01:11:511,253 views00:03:57
  • Hip Hope InternationalHip Hope International
    Highlights of our mission trip to the UK. Hip Hope International exists to inspire youth with the knowledge that we were created to bring worship to God and the gifts and talents that we each possess were given to us for that very purpose. In spit...overtime2010-10-02T01:01:521,676 views00:05:00
  • Day after Missions: BuckinghamDay after Missions: Buckingham
    The search for Buckingham palace.overtime2010-10-02T00:59:061,246 views00:01:20
  • London: Covent GardenLondon: Covent Garden
    On our way to Buckingham, we stopped and took a look around Covent Garden. We saw everything from live musicians to breakdancing.overtime2010-10-02T00:59:051,591 views00:01:59
  • Premier Christian Radio Pt I: SeyiPremier Christian Radio Pt I: Seyi
    Hip Hope International's outreach to London was featured on Premier Radio's Gospel Hour hosted by Muyiwa. Hip Hope's director, Seyi Olagunju as well as gospel hip-hop artist One Truth and LIQUID director Peque were interviewed. This segment is par...overtime2010-10-02T00:58:511,873 views00:05:16
  • Christian Rap at the AEM Artist ShowcaseChristian Rap at the AEM Artist Showcase
    One Truth performing Why You Walked Away at the Arts and Entertainment Ministries artist showcase.overtime2010-10-02T00:06:202,814 views00:03:51
  • 1truth on JCTV pt 11truth on JCTV pt 1
    Part 1 of the One Truth interview on JCTV's Top 3 program, he discusses the inspiration behind the song This Life and what it's like to be a Christian on the UCLA campus. The show is hosted by Larissa Lam, Rich Wilkerson, Reba Toney.overtime2010-10-01T23:05:453,070 views00:05:26
  • One Truth on JCTV pt 3One Truth on JCTV pt 3
    Part 3 of the One Truth interview on JCTV's Top 3. In it One Truth speaks on the inspiration for the song This Life and what it's like being a Christian on the UCLA campus.overtime2010-10-01T23:04:442,894 views00:06:16
  • 1truth on JCTV pt 21truth on JCTV pt 2
    Part 2 of One Truth's appearance on JCTV's Top 3 program. In this interview, hosted by Larissa Lam, Reba Toney, Rich Wilkerson, the inspiration for the song This Life is discussed.overtime2010-10-01T23:04:402,900 views00:05:17
  • This LifeThis Life
    This is the official music video for the song "This Life". It was written by Jahmal Holland and features Lakin Saucedo. It was produced by Frank Contreras Jr. for Savingsoul. The music was composed by Luis Anaya Jr. This video was directed by Nico...overtime2008-03-17T00:00:004,171 views00:04:48