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  • Voice Recording TrainingVoice Recording Training
    Since from 1996 The FEBA Radio provided a opportunity to preach among Youths, Family Counselling, Worship Time Derma and also songs to record. During this year’s God trained me how to record, Voice producing and to trainee others. FEBA’s training ...oralbibletribesindia2013-07-11T09:24:05477 views00:03:29
    JET BANGALORE- Jackal Evangelism Team
    Since 2008 I am preaching gospel among Tribal Villages in South India in Tamil Nadu at Polour District and surrounding villages. From Bangalore to Polour it covers 255 km distance. In Polour District, at ...
    oralbibletribesindia2013-07-10T02:51:411,156 views00:05:49
    This is my appeal and my sincere request with a great love on you and His ministry He entrusted on me to accomplish for His Kingdom. Please uphold me in your sincere prayers, and extend your valuable financial support for Oral Bible translation pr...oralbibletribesindia2013-05-07T21:47:15399 views00:03:29
  • OBT Traning for Heart languages OBT Traning for Heart languages
    The travel from Bangalore to Kerala State Trichur Town it is 478 km and 12 hrs journey. Malayalam speaking Saint I always takes with me from Bangalore for the good communication. During these days we have stayed any hotel and travel to the Recordi...oralbibletribesindia2013-05-06T22:54:07408 views00:05:33
  • Christmas Gifts & Wagrey PeopleChristmas Gifts & Wagrey People
    JET BANGALORE (Jackal Evangelical Team) visits monthly twice to Tamil Nadu for proclaiming the word of God and mobilize Oral Bible among Tribal villages. Since 2008 I am preaching gospel among Tribal Villages in South India in Tamil Nadu at Polur ...oralbibletribesindia2013-05-06T12:49:08477 views00:04:30
  • Wagrey Oral Bible for Hunters Wagrey Oral Bible for Hunters
    OBT India was established to preach evangelism for the TRIBES in India. While professing the Gospel to various parts of interior villages in India, I found that the tribal’s are basically illiterate hence make their own interpretation in the words...oralbibletribesindia2013-05-06T11:39:06356 views00:04:36