JET BANGALORE- Jackal Evangelism Team
Since 2008 I am preaching gospel among Tribal Villages in South India in Tamil Nadu at Polour District and surrounding villages. From Bangalore to Polour it covers 255 km distance. In Polour District, at HALLI NAGAR village is seated the mountain valley 2.5 km and 16 km distance nearby a village called KANNIGAPURAM and at this junction there resides major community of Jackal people.
In another small village named PAIYUR near Aarani Town there are major community of Waghry people and its 32 kms from Polour. KANAKAPURA village near Devikapuram in this village we found rat catchers. To my surprise I found a very few educated youths and elders in their community. JET BANGALORE (J Jackal Evangelism Team) visits monthly twice to Tamil Nadu for proclaiming the word of God and mobilize Oral Bible among Tribal villages.

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