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  • A saviour is bornA saviour is born
    PICS of Mir's annual shoebox appeal and a song called A saviour is born by Peter Mason see and also visit www.mirmedjugorje.orgmaxtmh2006-05-12T00:00:002,851 views00:02:49
  • King of KingsKing of Kings
    Artworks depicting the book of revelation by Pat Marvenko Smith and a soundtrack by Higher Ground band. Also visit www.mirmedjugorje.orgmaxtmh2007-04-11T00:00:002,564 views00:05:50
  • I AM ..... (Chapter 1) Mary's StoryI AM  ..... (Chapter 1) Mary's Story
    Pics from an old TV series called Jesus of Nazareth and a song by Mark Lisney called 'A Mother's Love'maxtmh2007-08-15T00:00:005,141 views00:04:45
  • I AM ..... (Chapter 2) Geth!%@I AM  ..... (Chapter 2) Geth!%@
    2nd chapter of series of 8 videos. I AM series using pics from the old TV series Jesus of Nazareth and a song called Geth#$! by Mark Lisneymaxtmh2007-08-25T00:00:002,728 views00:04:09
  • I AM ..... (Chapter 3) Peter's StoryI AM  ..... (Chapter 3) Peter's Story
    Pics from the old TV series Jesus of Nazareth and music by Paul Lisney...Peter's Storymaxtmh2007-08-15T00:00:003,058 views00:02:15
  • I AM ..... (Chapter 5) Way of the CrossI AM  ..... (Chapter 5) Way of the Cross
    Pics from the TV show Jesus of Nazareth and music by Paul Lisneymaxtmh2007-08-18T00:00:003,060 views00:02:03
  • I AM ..... (Chapter 4) Judas's StoryI AM  ..... (Chapter 4) Judas's Story
    pics from the series, Jesus of Nazareth and a song called Judas by Paul Lisneymaxtmh2007-09-26T00:00:003,407 views00:03:50
  • I AM ..... (Chapter 6) Passion of ChristI AM  ..... (Chapter 6) Passion of Christ
    pics from the Passion of Christ and a song by Paul Lisney 5480 how many knowmaxtmh2007-08-16T00:00:003,170 views00:06:29
  • I AM ..... (Chapter 7) RabbouniI AM  ..... (Chapter 7) Rabbouni
    pics from the tv show Jesus of Nazareth and a song called Shine by Paul Lisneymaxtmh2007-08-15T00:00:002,655 views00:05:11
  • I AM ..... EpilogueI AM  ..... Epilogue
    pics from the show Jesus of Nazareth & a song by Paul Lisney called I believe, words are the creedmaxtmh2007-06-09T00:00:002,676 views00:02:31
  • In RemembranceIn Remembrance
    A video in remembrance of the allied forces in WWII , particularly the RAF in the Battle of Britain and a song called "Wish you were here" R.I.Pmaxtmh2008-03-26T00:00:001,781 views00:04:45
  • SVP Do it for Charity Fun Run - Regents Park 11 May 2008SVP Do it for Charity Fun Run - Regents Park 11 May 2008
    On Sunday 11th May a team of 17 members, trustees, staff and friends of the St Vincent de Paul Society took part in the Do it for Charity 5km Fun Run in Regents Park London. Following months of gruelling training all runners completed the full 5km...svpenglandandwales2008-05-11T00:00:004,933 views00:04:24
  • Going Home (Music Video)Going Home (Music Video)
    A brilliant new song by Paul Lisney called "Going Home" and a video story using artworks by Edvard Munch and Elizabeth %## to tell the story..maxtmh2008-02-27T00:00:006,828 views00:05:29
  • Lakeside .. SpringtimeLakeside .. Springtime
    footage from our lake..a new springtime..see the beauty of God's creation and renewalmaxtmh2008-05-21T00:00:001,995 views00:03:52
  • Lakeside DucksLakeside Ducks
    Lakeside ducks set to musicmaxtmh2008-05-23T00:00:00208 views00:02:16
  • LakesideLakeside
    Pics of a variety of God's creation set to musicmaxtmh2008-05-28T00:00:002,762 views00:03:10