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  • Reflections on ConversionReflections on Conversion
    Missionary Oblate Fathers Ron Rolheiser and Frank Santucci reflect on conversion from a Biblical perspective and in the context of the life of St. Eugene de Mazenod, founder of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, an international order of R...httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-02T02:00:331,143 views00:09:17
  • A Call To MissionA Call To Mission
    Whether you call it, "Mission," "Calling," "Vocation" or "Purpose" it all boils down to the same thing: serving people according to Gospel principals. This clip is from a new DVD which shows how lay men and ...httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-02T02:00:121,144 views00:03:04
  • Being Catholic: WorshipBeing Catholic: Worship
    Catholics celebrate their faith through prayer and worship. Catholics are a sacramental people who mark their progress through a life of grace with liturgy and ritual. A better understanding of Catholic sacramental liturgy can enhance our particip...httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-02T01:59:291,652 views00:07:03
  • "Creating Sabbath Space in Our Lives" - Ron Rolheiser, OMI"Creating Sabbath Space in Our Lives" - Ron Rolheiser, OMI
    This clip is from a DVD featuring a 10-part video retreat that can be used for parish adult faith formation, small group faith sharing groups, or for private spiritual renewal. "Creating Sabbath Space in Our Lives" is a complete program ...httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-02T01:59:291,778 views00:08:42
  • Zeal for Souls: ZambiaZeal for Souls: Zambia
    A brief tour of the missions of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (an international order of Catholic priests and brothers) in Zambia. Zambia is a desperately poor, land-locked nation in southern Africa served by these missionaries.httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-02T00:43:082,229 views00:06:29
  • Interested in a Missionary Life?Interested in a Missionary Life?
    Very Rev. Louis Lougen, OMI the provincial of the U.S. Province of Oblates of Mary Immaculate, an international order of Catholic priests and brothers, describes the life of a missionary and invites interested young men to contact the Oblates for ...httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-02T00:43:082,090 views00:01:39
  • Confirmation: Rite for LifeConfirmation: Rite for Life
    A clip from the two-part DVD available at which gives the history and meaning of the Sacrament of Confirmation and further prepares students by showing two actual Confirmation ceremonies.httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-02T00:21:045,067 views00:08:13
  • On Blessings - Ron Rolheiser, OMIOn Blessings - Ron Rolheiser, OMI
    Clip from the one-hour DVD available at with the renowned author of The Holy Longing, Ron Rolheiser, OMI. What does it means to be "God's Blessed one?" What do we do with our blessings and whom should we bless?httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-02T00:21:034,735 views00:05:10
  • Sacraments: God's Amazing GraceSacraments: God's Amazing Grace
    In three segments,this DVD available at explains All seven sacraments with examples, and comments from teens and experts.httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-02T00:21:022,666 views00:06:52
  • The Passion of Christ - Ron Rolheiser, OMIThe Passion of Christ - Ron Rolheiser, OMI
    A clip from the two part DVD available at Fr. Rolheiser focuses on Christ's Passion, the meaning of the word in the original Latin, and what it means for us.httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-02T00:21:023,527 views00:08:26
  • Zeal for Souls: La MoritaZeal for Souls: La Morita
    The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate serve the poor in more than 70 countries world-wide. In this short program, we see them at work in a desperately poor area near Tijuana, Mexico, an inspiring and uplifting story of missionaries and a peopl...httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-01T23:58:463,048 views00:12:41
  • 1st Communion: A Family Journey1st Communion: A Family Journey
    A clip from part one of a two-part DVD giving children and parents the history and meaning of the Sacrament of Communion. It also provides parents with family activities that help prepare children for this important event in their faith-lives. Thi...httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-01T23:58:452,591 views00:05:28
  • Sunday MorningSunday Morning
    This clip is from our animated version of "Sunday Morning," the best-selling book introducing children to Sunday Liturgy. Judy Jarrett's whimsical art comes to life with music and children's voices to match the colorful multicultural mag...httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-01T23:58:332,524 views00:03:12
  • In God's NameIn God's Name
    This clip is from Oblate Media's "In God's Name" in which all the people of the world set out to find God's name...and each of the many seekers is sure that he or she alone has found the right name, the only name for God. Finally,, the ...httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-01T23:58:322,346 views00:04:02
  • Eucharist: The Source and SummitEucharist: The Source and Summit
    The entire third segment of a three-part DVD on the Catholic Church's teaching about the Eucharist. Parts one and two focus on the Eucharist in the Mass and in Adoration, this segment talks about how the Eucharist can and should be part of our dai...httpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-01T23:58:202,834 views00:08:06
  • Being Catholic: The CreedBeing Catholic: The Creed
    The entire second segment in the three-part DVD titled, "Being Catholic: The Creed" presents the history and meaning of the Creed to Christians and Catholics. www.videoswithvalues.orghttpwwwgodtubecomoblatemedia2010-10-01T23:58:192,960 views00:08:03