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  • Stand And FightStand And Fight
    When Pilot asked Jesus, Are you a king? Is this your kingdom? Jesus said, If this were my kingdom then would my servants fight that I would not be delivered unto the Jews. Time to Stand and Fight!godstruth2017-07-31T08:35:0117 views00:10:11
  • Jesus Is ComingJesus Is Coming
    Jesus is coming and He's not to happy. I kept saying a volcano under Yosemite but I meant Yellowstone National Park. The message is a bit long but it's a good message. God Bless you all and together we can storm the gates of hell.godstruth2015-12-02T03:21:3629 views00:13:31
  • Christmas SpiritChristmas Spirit
    Enjoy the Christmas Spirit. We believe in Jesus. The malls, gifts, Santa and the rest of it is just frosting on the cake.godstruth2014-12-20T10:44:02160 views00:17:51
  • Need A MiracleNeed A Miracle
    If you need a miracle and prayer or have a broken heart. If you are being attack from all sides from the enemy then listen to this video.godstruth2014-07-12T09:44:04223 views00:15:40
  • Spirit of anti-christSpirit of anti-christ
    It's time to put on the Whole Armor Of God and take this nation back from the spirit of the anti-christ. You're the one this is the place now is the time. -J Franklin. Lock and load, we're going to war.godstruth2014-02-14T10:38:37488 views00:10:54
  • Debt Crisis And PrayerDebt Crisis And Prayer
    We need to pray for this nation's finances and clean house in Wash. D.C. We've prayed for our leaders and it's not working. If you have an old car you keep putting money into, you buy a new one. You replace it. It's a simple common sense message.godstruth2011-07-30T09:04:45665 views00:17:35
  • Casey Anthony-Justice for CayleeCasey Anthony-Justice for Caylee
    Caylee Anthony's blood cries out from the grave for justice, judgement and truth. And if any of you shall offend one of these little ones it would be better for you to put a millstone around your neck and cast yourself into the sea. Jesus Christ.godstruth2011-07-17T08:49:08429 views00:12:26
  • Rapture-Jesus SpottedRapture-Jesus Spotted
    Jesus said, No man or angel knows the day or the hour except your Father in Heaven. He said we would know when the time is near when he told us the parable of the fig tree. Jesus is not coming today May 21 but he is coming soon. Behold the fig tre...godstruth2011-05-21T20:04:34445 views00:12:07
  • Osama Photo And BurialOsama Photo And Burial
    Congratulations to the Navy Seals Team Six. But why did we give osama a proper muslim burial.godstruth2011-05-05T07:24:28468 views00:11:54
  • Earthquake Japan Haiti Peru Earthquake Japan Haiti Peru
    In the last days there will be earthquakes and divers places, nations in distress, wars and rumors of wars. Share the Gospel, YOU can make a difference.godstruth2011-03-16T08:30:29465 views00:13:08
  • Your Miracle Your FaithYour Miracle Your Faith
    The day is at hand the hour has come your miracle begins. Jesus told many, Your faith has made you whole. Faith is the key to your miracle.godstruth2011-02-15T13:36:01541 views00:17:45
  • Battle ArmorBattle Armor
    We must prepare for the battle ahead. We must put on The Whole Armor of God and know how to use the weapons God gave us.godstruth2011-01-22T09:32:38419 views00:17:38
  • Follow That StarFollow That Star
    We need to renew our commitment to the Lord. Like the wise men we must bow down and worship Him.godstruth2011-01-09T19:37:47520 views00:09:53
  • Spirit And TruthSpirit And Truth
    We must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We must worship God in Spirit and in Truth. It is not a suggestion or request but it a command. Then feel that unspeakable joy.godstruth2010-12-10T09:05:39382 views00:17:27
  • 911 And The Mosque911 And The Mosque
    The first part of this message is for those that died on that dreadful day. Osama has not been captured and we need closure. We must love our enemies and pray for them but Jesus has a word for your enemies that come against you. He also shows us h...godstruth2010-10-02T02:25:58455 views00:17:42
  • Fire Of GodFire Of God
    With all the troubles we face and trials we go through. We must not just pray in the Spirit, but with the Fire Of God to come against and defeat the enemy that comes against us. Remember, the devil comes to steal, kill and to maim. And not just to...godstruth2010-10-02T02:24:46636 views00:17:52