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  • [Ther Was No Thief] Sonic[Ther Was No Thief] Sonic
    my best work yet...

    Song: there was no thief
    by: relient k
    Sonic belongs to SGEA
    godssonicgirl2010-10-21T23:05:012,321 views00:03:38
  • funky sonic videofunky sonic video
    my little brother made another vid and begged me to upload it. and TA-DA!!!!godssonicgirl2010-10-02T01:04:131,917 views00:01:16
  • sonic ~ made to love you x2sonic ~ made to love you x2
    this is the same video as SONIC~MADE TO LOVE YOU video but i sped this 1 up becuase me bro asked me to do that to his video so i did, cuz im awesome...i acually had a good laugh at this 1^_^godssonicgirl2010-10-02T01:02:561,816 views00:01:54
  • sonic ~ made to love yousonic ~ made to love you
    this was made by my little little brother again, and i like this 1 cuz its cute, and the "chipmunk" version is better , any ways yeah i didnt make this so yeahgodssonicgirl2010-10-02T01:02:512,253 views00:04:02
  • My little brother made this crazy video ^_^My little brother made this crazy video ^_^
    my little little brother made this and nagged me to upload it on my profile, i think the video is funny and cute, so i uploaded it for him and now if you nice people would comment on a little boy's video i would be very happy!!!!!!^_^godssonicgirl2010-10-02T01:02:452,146 views00:02:04
  • Sonic~ the Voice of TruthSonic~ the Voice of Truth
    Sonic the Hedgehog mixed with Casting Crowns song The Voice Of Truth is a sure winner in my book! Sonic is always head over heels for a new adventure or challenge. but its always the voice of truth pulling him threw in the end. I used clips from N...godssonicgirl2010-10-02T00:56:143,734 views00:05:53
  • Silver and Blaze are Falling OutSilver and Blaze are Falling Out
    TA-DA...this is my video of silver and blaze, its a friendship video but it ended up looking like a love video, oops^_^ oh well...and yes, i did draw all the pictures and a few pictures where request from friends...no i dont own silver or blaze, t...godssonicgirl2010-10-02T00:29:196,019 views00:04:30
  • I play as Blaze in Sonic Riders Zero GravityI play as Blaze in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity
    I was playing as Blaze in Sonic Rider Zero Gravity...and i recorded myself playing it and was randomly wanting it 1 day and saw how i kelp hitiong things and made a video of it because im random ^_^ oh and my little brother was watching me play s...godssonicgirl2010-10-02T00:26:244,788 views00:01:56