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  • Unqualified SuccessUnqualified Success
    The world defines success as having lots of money, cars, a great job, etc. If you don't have all of this, then you are considered unsuccessful. God defines success by just His presences with you. What does this mean when it comes to fire and the b...forevergraceministries2016-03-21T21:27:2133 views00:39:31
  • Horn of My SalvationHorn of My Salvation
    Being in certain positions can come with benefits or negatives, just depends on the situation that you are in. Did you know that when you went from a sinner to a saint, that you changed positions in life? Renewing our mind to this new position can...forevergraceministries2016-03-14T12:47:1356 views00:35:30
  • Just Blessed and Not Cursed! Pt 2Just Blessed and Not Cursed! Pt 2
    When we are in the midst of a bad situation it can start to feel like we are cursed and not blessed. But what if you knew that every area of your life you are blessed? Do you think it will change your bad situation?

    Forever Grace Minist...
    forevergraceministries2016-02-29T16:37:0526 views00:42:46
  • Just Blessed and Not Cursed!Just Blessed and Not Cursed!
    So many of us have banks that help us to monitor our accounts and protect us from things we don't see happening. God leads us to do things that don't make sense, but maybe it is putting us at the right place of protection.

    Forever Grace...
    forevergraceministries2016-02-22T13:02:1727 views00:40:25
  • Seeing His HeartSeeing His Heart
    How often do we actually judge a book by it's cover? We are attractive to things that look nice and tend to avoid things that don't to our eyes. What if the unattractive is actually what we truly need in life?

    Forever Grace Ministries
    forevergraceministries2016-02-15T22:07:0940 views00:36:57
  • It is Time for Victory!It is Time for Victory!
    What does victory look like? Does look like winning a court case? Does it look like winning the Super Bowl? The answer may surprise you and set you free.

    Forever Grace Ministries
    4051 Innslake Dr, Glen Allen VA 23060
    forevergraceministries2016-02-08T12:56:5621 views00:33:28
  • Forever Serving YouForever Serving You
    Did you know that the clothes that you choose to wear actually speak a lot about who you are as a person? So what does the garments of the high priest speak about Jesus to us?

    Forever Grace Ministries
    8940 Ouioccain Rd, Henrico VA ...
    forevergraceministries2016-02-01T21:46:5621 views00:41:07
  • Intimacy With GodIntimacy With God
    There is a place where God desires to meet us at. It is a place where He desires to be intimate with His sons and daughters. It is a place where deads works end and good works begin.

    Forever Grace Ministries
    4051 Innslake Dr, Glen ...
    forevergraceministries2016-01-11T17:27:0857 views00:32:33
  • UnitedUnited
    God wants to reveal parts of the tabernacle to show the church what we are going to look like united as one in Christ. God is going to united the church as one in 2016 and bring us to a place where Jesus is reflecting through the church to the wor...forevergraceministries2016-01-04T09:06:49104 views00:42:35
  • From East to WestFrom East to West
    What would you do if you had no fear? You had no thoughts of divine punishment from God for your sins, what would you do?

    Forever Grace Ministries
    4051 Innslake Dr, Glen Allen VA 23060
    forevergraceministries2015-12-28T08:21:4319 views00:30:50
  • Casting Your CaresCasting Your Cares
    Do you know what it is like casting your cares unto God? The Holy Spirit gives us a demonstration of what it is like to cast our cares unto God and what happens afterwards.

    Forever Grace Ministries
    4051 Innslake Dr, Glen Allen VA 2...
    forevergraceministries2015-12-21T13:06:4239 views00:08:33
  • More Powerful in Our LivesMore Powerful in Our Lives
    Did you know that Jesus desires to be more powerful in your life? The question is how?

    Forever Grace Ministries
    4051 Innslake Dr, Glen Allen VA 23060
    Sunday Services 11am | 6:30pm
    forevergraceministries2015-12-14T19:41:4046 views00:41:21
  • Grace for the "Now"Grace for the
    We have come to know Grace for saving us and for when Jesus comes back, but for the in between (the now) it is up to us do it. What if Grace is also for the "now?"

    Forever Grace Ministries
    4051 Innslake Dr, Glen Allen VA 23060
    forevergraceministries2015-12-07T15:31:3810 views00:47:44
  • Give Us the Answer!Give Us the Answer!
    How often do we expect God to answer us in the way that we want it to be? How often are we not expecting the answer in which God gives us and we want more or something else?

    Forever Grace Ministries
    4051 Innslake Dr, Glen Allen VA ...
    forevergraceministries2015-11-30T21:11:3612 views00:48:06
  • Working it All for Good!Working it All for Good!
    God is interested in your "now." He wants you to enjoy the fruits of Jesus' finished work in your life. In partnership with you, He has a way of turning every circumstance into good. He just wants you to trust Him to do it for and through you, so ...forevergraceministries2015-11-16T17:21:3233 views00:54:13
  • Still Undefeated Pt 2Still Undefeated Pt 2
    Do you struggle with the desires of your flesh? If you do, then we want to tell you are not defeated by them and that there is Hope to overcome it all.

    Forever Grace Ministries
    4051 Innslake Dr, Glen Allen VA 23060
    forevergraceministries2015-11-12T17:01:3253 views00:47:06