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  • Imagine Christmas 2009Imagine Christmas 2009
    Annual Christmas Community Outreachdiversecitykids2010-10-02T01:52:141,168 views00:05:58
  • Jesus loves the little childrenJesus loves the little children
    Singing to Jesus loves the little children!diversecitykids2010-10-02T01:26:451,655 views00:00:40
  • make some noisemake some noise
    Future worship team!diversecitykids2010-10-02T01:26:441,378 views00:00:26
  • Kids Camp 2009Kids Camp 2009
    Pictures and video of Kids having a great time at Camp and experiencing the power of God during the evening services.diversecitykids2010-10-02T01:13:031,601 views00:12:29
  • HungryHungry
    Different pictures of Kids worshipping and crying out to Jesus!diversecitykids2010-10-02T01:13:021,669 views00:01:35
    Pictures and videos of our trip to D.R. July 10-19 of 2009. We worked at a Boys Orphanage, Girls Orphanage, and a Christian School and Church that needed painting and repairs. We had a wonderful time ministering to the Kids and came back differen...diversecitykids2010-10-02T01:10:511,855 views00:07:02
  • D.R. Boys Orphanage Missions Trip 2D.R. Boys Orphanage Missions Trip 2
    Singing to Jesus and having fun!diversecitykids2010-10-02T01:05:471,465 views00:01:53
  • D.R. Boys Orphanage Missions TripD.R. Boys Orphanage Missions Trip
    The boys at the El Faro, an Orphanage in the Dominican Republic were playing guiros, tamboras, and panderetas while we sand to Jesus!diversecitykids2010-10-02T01:05:471,263 views00:00:41
    The Boys won! Woot woot!!diversecitykids2010-10-01T23:44:342,201 views00:00:33
  • BGMC BloopersBGMC Bloopers
    Hosanna Staff was attempting to congratulate the boy for winning the Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge for the month of Sept-Oct. However with phones ringing, tongue twisters and a mispelled cheer the video was worth sharing.diversecitykids2010-10-01T23:44:343,694 views00:00:39
  • Trunk or TreatTrunk or Treat
    An alternative to Halloween for our church and community. Halloween night is a dangerous night so we wanted to have a safe place where families can come and enjoy themselves. Why the name Trunk or Treat? Well adults come out with their trunks fi...diversecitykids2010-10-01T23:44:252,732 views00:03:32
  • Who will win?Who will win?
    We're raising money for Missionaries across the world. There's a competition between the boys and girls. Losers will have to serve the winning team pizza provided for by Little Caesar's with bright colored aprons and big smiles on their faces. Who...diversecitykids2010-10-01T23:36:352,482 views00:01:06
  • Diverse Silly 5Diverse Silly 5
    Ha ha ha ha ha!diversecitykids2010-10-01T23:36:212,180 views00:00:31
  • Diverse Silly 4Diverse Silly 4
    Bonkers!diversecitykids2010-10-01T23:36:212,114 views00:00:56
  • Diverse Silly 3Diverse Silly 3
    CA-RRRAAAAYY-ZZZZZZY!diversecitykids2010-10-01T23:36:211,974 views00:00:46
  • Diverse Silly 2Diverse Silly 2
    Still Silly!diversecitykids2010-10-01T23:36:181,968 views00:01:09