"Lost your way?"

I was 15 years old when I first witnessed a basketball player score for the opposing team. It was late in a game, and my team had the contest in hand. One by one, my coach began sending in players who rarely got a chance to play.

One of my teammates, Sam, bounced out on the court with tremendous enthusiasm. He received a pass, gave the defender a quick fake, and dribbled down court, the wrong way. We tried to wave Sam off and yelled for him to stop, but he was determined to score. And he did, for the other team!

Jesus told a story about a young man headed the wrong way in life (Luke 15:11-32). Soon after demanding his portion of his father's estate, he "packed all his belongings and moved to a distant land, and there he wasted all his money in wild living" (v.13). Things went from bad to worse. Soon a famine struck, resulting in work and food being scarce.

Hungry and penniless, the wayward son finally came to his senses and made his way back home. To the son's surprise, his father was eagerly waiting for him to return and welcomed him with hugs and a huge party (vv.20-24).

It's not what the young man deserved, but Jesus' story reminds us of the grace God extends to any of His wayward children who return to Him. By Jesus' sacrifice for our sins, He forgives and celebrates our return! He doesn't shame His kids for losing their way.

When we rebel and go our own way, it isn't long before we face the bitterness of our choices and struggle with our next move. The best move is to turn back to God, bowing before Him in true repentance and then being stunned by His grace and acceptance. , Jeff Olson, Our Daily Journey

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