Isaiah 46:3-4, 8-11
I have cared for you
since you were born.
Yes, I carried you before
you were born (v.3).


At 17, she was in the midst of a brief season of
rebellion. One night, instead of staying at
a friend’s house, as she had told her parents,
she went to a party thrown by a guy in his twenties.
Although drinking and drug use took place, she
abstained and eventually fell asleep. Later, she awoke to
find herself being sexually assaulted by the young man.
For many weeks she kept the rape quiet. But then she
found out she was pregnant.

Fortunately, the young woman followed some godly
counsel and proceeded with the pregnancy. And a
loving Christian family adopted her beautiful baby.
In Isaiah 46, God reveals some truths that help us gain
a correct view of unplanned pregnancy. We learn:

• God knows each baby. In love, He carries the
unborn and cares for them when they’re born (v.3).
Regardless of whether a baby is planned or unplanned,
God deeply cares for him or her.

• God forms each baby. He says, “I made you, and
I will care for you” (v.4). Each new life is made in His
image and must be protected because of that great value
(Genesis 1:27).

• God knew this new life would come to be. He
declares, “I can tell you the future before it even
happens” (Isaiah 46:10). An unplanned pregnancy is not
a surprise to Him (Psalm 139:16).

All these truths became clear to the young woman mentioned earlier. In time,
she repented and returned to living for Jesus. As she drew close to God and
admitted her guilt (Isaiah 46:8), she received forgiveness from Him for her sin
and rebellion. Today, she loves God just as He has always loved her.
Pregnancies can be unplanned, but for God a new life is never unknown.
—Tom Felten


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