Here's a Tip

read›2 Corinthians 9:1
Generous people plan to do what is generous,
and they stand firm in their generosity
(Isaiah 32:8).

How does the after-church crowd tip?” I asked
the waitress. If my question lacked subtlety, her
response possessed even less. “They’re the
worst!” she said emphatically. “None of us wants to work
the lunch shift on Sunday.”

That dialog helped me understand my pastor’s comment
as he dismissed us following a service. “You are now
entering the mission field,” he reminded us. “You are
representing Jesus. If you go out to eat, tip generously.”
In many cultures, tipping is a tradition that shows
appreciation for a service rendered. But in my country,
tipping at restaurants is not just a nice gesture—it’s how
the waiter or waitress makes a living! Yet I’ve heard
stories of people who have left gospel tracts in lieu of a
tip. Hmm. Why would a waiter want to serve a God who
has followers like that?

In 2 Corinthians 2:1, the apostle Paul addressed the
issue of generous giving. The context is about a wealthy
church in Corinth giving to a church that had very little.
But the larger principle applies to individuals, because
Paul made the gift personal. “You must each decide in
your heart how much to give,” he told them (v.7).

Generosity ought to be one of the defining
characteristics of believers in Jesus. That doesn’t mean
we’re careless with our money, but stinginess reveals a
deep-seated poverty of spirit. God promises to reward
those who are generous. “You will be enriched in every
way so you can always be generous,” Paul noted (v.11).

“A person who is nice to you but is not nice to the
waiter is not a nice person,” wrote humorist Dave Barry. As followers of Christ,
we’re not called to be “nice.” But we’re called to be good, to be loving, and to
be generous in Jesus’ name —Tim Gustafson

What keeps me from
being generous? What
does Jesus say in Luke 12:15 about greed?
What does Acts 10:1
tell us about the military
leader Cornelius? What
do we learn about God’s
nature in Acts 10:30?

What are some ways
you can be generous?
Who can you bless
today with a specific,
generous act?


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