The Way

Isaiah 30:1-22
This is the way you should go (v.21).

I always assumed that Isaiah 30:21 had something to
do with directions. My understanding was, if I stood
at a crossroads and veered one way or the other, the
Holy Spirit would let me know if I was going the right
way. God would alert me if I was heading into trouble or
beginning to venture outside of His will.

While I still believe that Isaiah 30 has application for
steps we should or shouldn’t take in life, after digging
deeper I now have a better grasp of what Isaiah was
communicating. In this passage, the prophet was
speaking to the wayward tribe of Judah, which had
foolishly entered into a treaty with Egypt. “Without
consulting Me, you have gone down to Egypt for help.
You have put your trust in Pharaoh’s protection” (v.2).
In so doing, Judah had:

• Made plans that were against God’s
• Made alliances not directed by the Lord
• Gone down to Egypt for help without first
consulting God
• Put their trust in Pharaoh’s protection

It was Isaiah’s role as a prophet to warn God’s
“rebellious children” (v.1) of the subsequent outcome that
awaited them: humiliation, shame, disgrace, loneliness,
and calamity (vv.3-5). Isaiah also plainly stated that
despite what they had done, God was waiting for His
stubborn people to repent and return to Him. He longed
to shower them with love, compassion, grace, and forgiveness (vv.18-19).

Through Isaiah, we learn the very essence of God’s heart: to draw His
beloved people close so that—despite their hideous sins—they could repent and
receive His infinite blessings. Our God is so loving that when Judah strayed—
and when we stray—God provides “a voice” to show us the way back to the
Lord’s protection and eternal riches. —Roxanne Robbins

Read Isaiah 30:23-26
to see the blessings God promised to shower
on Israel if they would turn and “come to Him”

How has God’s voice been calling you back
to Him? How have you been pursuing God and
His way?


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