The XY Factor

Isaiah 42:1
The Lord will march forth like a mighty hero; He will come out like
a warrior, full of fury. He will shout His battle cry and crush all His enemies (v.13).

Strategy games have never been my desire on game
night. I remember the first time my husband
taught me how to play RISK. Being a strong
melancholy woman, I was devastated when after 2 hours
of playing I had only a handful of soldiers to show for
my efforts. In contrast, my husband had amassed a huge
army—wiping me off the board in his campaign to conquer
every continent. I think I’ll be content with playing Scrabble;
I’ll let my hubby and others contend for world domination.

Satan and his forces work hard to emasculate the
warrior heart of every man—promoting the lies that men
must be like women or by taking men prisoner through
pornography. Unsure of what real strength looks like, many
men subconsciously succumb to the false idea that playing
the conquering hero on a video game is the greatest
measurement of manhood.

They couldn’t be further from the truth.
Although a woman appreciates it when a guy
understands what she needs, a man’s highest calling
isn’t found in learning to make a woman happy. The
greatest goal for a man is to give his life willingly and
unreservedly for God’s glory (Ps. 86:12; Rom. 6:13).
While Jesus is compassionate, merciful, and gentle, we
must also remember that He is the epitome of a warrior
(v.13). God didn’t create men to be in bondage to their
sexual appetites or their passivity. Neither did He create
them to be women. In every seemingly ordinary moment, the battle between
light and darkness rages. Men were made to fight for what is right.

For the body of Christ to function as God intended, the church must:
• Realize that God places a unique calling on men.
• Challenge men to lead strongly as they live selflessly.
• Teach men that true strength is found in godly surrender.

—Regina Franklin

Read Revelation 19:11 to see the connection
between Christ as our spotless sacrifice and as
our conquering King.

What fallout do we see in families as the result of
a wrong understanding of what manhood
means? In what ways can the church instill in men
an understanding of the strategic calling God has
placed on their lives?