"Worn Out"

I'm just so tired." It's a common phrase that I've heard from people in my counseling office over the years. Sometimes they say the words to play the "pity me" card. Others are unknowingly lying to themselves, falling deeper into discouragement and depression. But in many cases, they're voicing a legitimate cry of an exhausted heart.

At a time when Israel was still growing as a nation, Moses found himself going through a difficult situation where he was physically and emotionally spent (Exodus 17:8-16). Journeying through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land, the newly freed slaves came under attack by an experienced army of desert nomads known as the Amalekites.

During the battle, God instructed Moses to stand on top of a hill and hold up his staff (a symbol of God's power). As long as Moses held the staff high, the Israelites won. When the staff became heavy and his arms started to lower, the Amalekites got the upper hand.

Over the course of the day, Moses started to tire. So the people rolled a rock underneath him to provide some support. A couple of men also stood next to Moses and held his weary arms up in the air until the battle was won (v.12).

As the story unfolds, it's almost as if God intentionally put Moses in an impossible situation to teach him some important lessons. He and the people still had a lot to learn about living a new life of freedom. One of the things God wanted Moses to understand is this: When we run out of gas, we need help from others to get through.

Are you tired? Do you feel worn out? Learn from Moses and seek help from God and an earthly ally or two. , Jeff Olson CLICK HERE to visit OurDailyJourney.org