1 Corinthians 10:1
Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God (v.31).

My list of projects to accomplish this weekend
is somewhere near the level of insanity. As a
teacher, I thrive on learning new things and
finding innovative ways to communicate ideas to my
students. So I have this nasty habit of creating projects
for myself. Most times, I live somewhere on the continuum
between order and chaos. Unfortunately, life doesn’t
always match the length of my “to do” list. When I put
God at the center of everything, however, each task
becomes simpler.

In 1 Corinthians 10, Paul contrasts God’s faithfulness
with the Israelites’ unfaithfulness. By doing so, he
highlights that our beliefs are not revealed in our words,
but in our choices. Though they had tasted of God’s
goodness (vv.3-4), the Israelites struggled to hold fast to
the conviction that if God had provided for them before,
He was capable of providing for them again. Instead,
they presumed on God’s grace and didn’t follow Him
with all their hearts.

The Israelites’ spiritual adultery didn’t begin with
offerings to a foreign god. It began with a lack of faith.
In our frail humanity, we run the risk of not faithfully
following God, so we’re cautioned, “If you think you are
standing strong, be careful not to fall” (v.12).

When times are uncertain and life is demanding, we
can run to the shelter of self and allow fear to drive our
decisions. Or we can place our decisions—and thus our lives—before God’s
throne. When we see every part of life as an act of worship to Him, then all that
encompasses our lives becomes an opportunity for the greatness of God to be
made manifest. It allows His glory to be revealed. —Regina Franklin

Read Psalms 90:1 to
understand how to
place work in its proper

In what area of your life
do you lack faith in God
and His provision? What
does it mean to prioritize
your commitments
according to God’s