Revelation 2:1-7
Look how far you have
fallen! Turn back to me
and do the works you
did at first. If you don’t
repent, I will come and
remove your lampstand
from its place among the
churches (v.5).

One evening, while waiting for a friend at a
church, I chatted with a security guard. He said,
“This church just installed a new state-of-the-art
sound system, and they spent a hefty sum on it.” Then
he added, “But it’s a pity, the church doesn’t have many

While the number of activities does not necessarily
reflect the health of a church, I couldn’t help but wonder
if this church’s lampstand had been removed (Rev. 2:5).
In the book of Revelation, Jesus states that “the
seven lampstands are the seven churches” (1:20). As
lampstands, the churches are light-bearers. They’re not
the light themselves, but they hold or bear the light. The
illumination comes from Jesus—“the light of the world”
(John 9:5). So it’s the mission of the church to point lost
people to Him.

In Revelation 2, we see the reason a church can lose
its impact upon a community and also the solution
to that problem. The negative issue for the church of
Ephesus wasn’t a lack of industry, service, toil, and effort
(2:2-3). In fact, their activity, theology, conduct, and
perseverance were all looking good. Their hearts were
the problem. They had forsaken their first love (v.4). In
fact, their relationship with Jesus had become routine, no
longer vibrant and alive. The solution given was: “Look
how far you have fallen! Turn back . . . repent” (v.5).

Our heart for Jesus must be restored before we can light up our world.
An atheist once said to an evangelical Christian in the British Isles: “If I
believed what you say you believe, I would cross Britain upon my knees on
broken glass to tell men about it.” When we walk closer with Jesus and really
experience His light, we can’t help but let the whole world see Him!
—Poh Fang Chia

This is what the Lord
says: “I remember how
eager you were to please
Me as a young bride
long ago, how you
loved Me and followed
Me even through the
barren wilderness”
(Jeremiah 2:2).

How strong is your love
for Jesus? What steps can
you take to remember,
return, and repent?