"Freak folk"

Freak folk, psych folk, and folk-pop are terms used to describe genres within folk music. Musically, freak folk features acoustic instruments, mostly guitar and occasionally violin or flute, accompanied by percussion instruments such as bongos. Psych folk is a blending of folk music and psychedelic rock or pop. The varieties of folk music just keep unfolding.

The Bible has its own kind of folk music. It's found in the Psalms. These marvelous ancient "folk" songs recount the experiences of various men and women. They tell the tale of the emotional upsets, problems, and disturbances that believers in God endured.

Take Psalm 73, for example. It starts like some of the folk songs of our day, with the author (singer?) grousing about injustices in the world. The lyrics are striking in their brutal honesty. Asaph, David's chief musician, was wondering if his pursuit of living for God had been worthless (vv.13-14). Self-centered, irreverent people were "enjoying a life of ease while their riches multiply" (v.12). They mocked God and seemed to be getting away with it. Asaph wondered if he was a freak for keeping his heart pure. Was it worthwhile?

But as he went into the sanctuary of God, he found new perspective and understanding (v.16). Asaph was reminded that the wicked and their ways would come to an end. He sensed anew his need for a change of heart before God (v.21). And he understood that nothing in heaven or on earth was better than being near the Sovereign Lord (vv.23,28).

We learn from this timeless tune that when we turn our eyes to God, we gain His perspective. We see that life is not all bleak and dreary. And we see clearly that God is in control and that He does care for us, His Jesus freaks. , Poh Fang Chia, Our Daily Journey

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