"Inside information"

Tiptoeing mischievously toward me, my son leaned down and placed something near the base of the chair where I was sitting and then scampered away. Looking down, I smiled at his childlike belief in my supposed ignorance. There on the floor was the homing unit to his spy gear listening device. Though he would hear little more than the turning of pages or tapping of the keyboard, he remained unaffected in his resolve to listen in and get some "inside information." He simply loved the mystery of being able to be somewhere without really being there.

Preparing for His crucifixion and ascension, Jesus told the disciples some inside information pertaining to what was coming and how they were to respond (John 16:4). They tried to make sense of God's plan based on what they could see, however, and "failed to grasp what He was talking about" (Luke 18:34). Even Peter, the one whom Jesus named "the rock", boldly questioned the methods through which the Messiah would be revealed (Mark 8:31-33). The death of Jesus wasn't in their plans.

If we're honest, most of us want to see what's ahead so we can be prepared. Desiring control, we want God to tell us where we're going and when we'll arrive. Jesus didn't give the disciples the pieces of the puzzle ahead of time so they could be comfortable. He gave them inside information for a purpose outside of themselves. He knew they would be the ones who would turn the world upside down.

The gospel is indeed a great mystery, and God has placed us as believers at its core (Ephesians 1:9). We may not know tomorrow's exact events, but God has revealed His heart to us. Likewise, our hearts are revealed by our response to the information He gives us. , Regina Franklin, Our Daily Journey

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