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  • Derrick LOL ComedyDerrick LOL Comedy
    Author, Comedian and motivational speaker Derrick Mueller talks about the differences between men and woman. This was recorded at the Convos comedy cafe in Beamsville, Ontario.derricklol2013-02-20T18:56:09871 views00:08:54
  • Dating- Looking goodDating- Looking good
    So what do you want your date to look like? Join Derrick Mueller in this clip taken from the Convos Comedy Cafe located in Beamsville, Ontario.derricklol2013-02-20T14:04:14807 views00:02:22
  • Derrick LOL ComedyDerrick LOL Comedy
    Join author, comedian and motivational speaker Derrick Mueller in this comical clip about hunting with his dog, while speaking sakatchwanese. Recorded at the Convos Comedy Cafe in Beamsville. derricklol2013-02-20T12:44:16922 views00:06:13
  • Your PotentialYour Potential
    Derrick Mueller the Ballon man, motivational speaker, comedian and author joins Smithville Christian High school on Career day. The message is clear our potential with God is unlimited.derricklol2013-01-24T12:04:08667 views00:01:57
  • Dentist PonderingsDentist Ponderings
    Join Derrick Mueller, author, storyteller and comedian as he muses on his recent visit to the dentist's office. derricklol2012-12-22T01:34:08655 views00:04:59
  • Pillow PonderingsPillow Ponderings
    Thisway Communications presents Derrick Mueller-author, speaker, and comedian. Join Derrick as he ponders pillows. Do you know how much they range in price? Find out! derricklol2012-12-22T01:29:09817 views00:08:12
  • Christmas PonderingsChristmas Ponderings
    So what are you wishing for from Santa Clause this Christmas? What if you get it? What happens with Big presents delvered to apartment buildings? All are questions that beg an answer. Join Derrick Mueller in his ponderings on Christmas.derricklol2012-12-22T01:24:09724 views00:02:59
  • Is God There?Is God There?
    Welcome to Beamsville First Baptist Church- mini sermon series with Pastor Derrick Mueller. This 9 minute video clip looks at Jehovah Shammah- God is present. Feel alone? Wonder if anyone knows your alive? God is there even when we feel all alone.derricklol2012-07-11T20:59:05603 views00:08:59
  • Jesus the DoorJesus the Door
    Derrick Mueller continues in the mini sermon series on the names of God. Jesus is the door. He is the access point, portal, entry and way to God. This 13 minute video reveals another facet of God, One who through his life is willing to lay it dow...derricklol2012-07-03T22:04:05758 views00:13:58
  • Meet the God of PeaceMeet the God of Peace
    In this brief mini sermon come encounter Jehovah Shalom-the God of Peace. Join Dr. Derrick Mueller from Beamsville First Baptist Church, as he shares insights on Gideon from Judges chapter 6. Some times all we need is the peace of God, to get us t...derricklol2012-06-20T18:04:19804 views00:10:31
  • Do you Know the "Father"!Do you Know the
    Join Dr. Derrick Mueller in this min sermom series on the names of God. Pastor derrick has been exploring knowing God by his names. The 12 minute video is a readers digest sermon, designed to catch the essence of the Sunday morning service. Do we ...derricklol2012-06-20T16:04:05560 views00:12:58
  • Water of Life- John 4Water of Life- John 4
    Feeling like life is draining you? Are you spiritually thirsty and hunger fro God. Come meet the water of life. derricklol2012-06-07T22:34:04569 views00:13:23
  • Jehovah Rapha-The God that HealsJehovah Rapha-The God that Heals
    Dr. Derrick Mueller of Beamsville First Bpatist Church, explores the meaning of Jehovah Rapha- the God who heals, in his mini sermon series on the names of God. We all have those times of bitterness in our life, where we can choose to grow or to c...derricklol2012-05-30T00:04:052,782 views00:20:05
  • The Prodigal God- Mini sermon seriesThe Prodigal God- Mini sermon series
    Welcome to First Baptist Church in Beamsville Ontario, mini sermon series.This sermon looks at the Prodigal God who is reckless and lavishes his love on us. Approximately 10 minutes in length, it is the readers digest version with power point note...derricklol2012-05-27T00:24:051,173 views00:11:43
  • Thisway CommunicationsThisway Communications
    Meet Derrick Mueller- Author, speaker, consultant, trainer and comedian.derricklol2012-04-26T21:04:05454 views00:01:32
  • Wholistic RelationshipsWholistic Relationships
    Discover the five key areas of a healthy relationship with Dr. Derrick Mueller.derricklol2012-04-26T20:59:04482 views00:14:19