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  • Billowtail Book TrailerBillowtail Book Trailer
    It is the year 1214. A baby squirrel falls from the nest and lands in the passing saddlebag of a 13-year-old boy. Still blind, deaf, hairless and unable to eat solid food, there is little hope for Puttermunch's survival. Moved by the persistent pl...caritaspress2014-05-02T22:54:421,576 views00:01:55
  • Wing Tip Book TrailerWing Tip Book Trailer
    Dante De Luz's steel was forged in his youth, in the crucible of harsh losses and triumphant love. But that steel gets tested like never before as the revelation of a family secret presents the young Catholic priest with the toughest challenge of ...caritaspress2012-05-26T13:59:053,137 views00:01:15
  • The Lily Trilogy Book TrailerThe Lily Trilogy Book Trailer
    A tender and gritty series about the truths underlying the human condition and the inalienable value of every soul, even if it can do nothing more than love or be loved.
    caritaspress2012-05-26T13:59:051,147 views00:02:39