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  • Locate Your DreamLocate Your Dream
    Kioni waited patiently for God to find her the right man to marry......
    A Zuriel media Production with TLC
    brianphillips-25542013-06-18T06:29:04293 views00:15:10
  • Time for ChangeTime for Change
    An SVG Production Directed and produced by Brian Phillips of Zuriel media. This trailer depicts a typical office scene. One is a born again Christian, the other definitely not.
    The weekend is coming, they both talk of how they will spend thei...
    brianphillips-25542013-06-14T04:59:04235 views00:03:06
  • My Life After the FallMy Life After the Fall
    Web Promo Video of Testimony of Robert's Testimony. He had just given his life to Jesus........He found himself hanging on for dear life on the window ledge of the 7th floor flat he lived in.... — with Zoee Reid at Filmed in Nottingham on actual l...brianphillips-25542013-06-10T05:39:04319 views00:01:35