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  • BHN Series: Episode 10- HomosexualityBHN Series: Episode 10- Homosexuality
    BHN Series: In this episode, the spirit of homosexuality is examined. What does the bible say, how does God feel about homosexuals? Are there consequences for being gay? we take a deep look into what the bible says about being gay.bhnministries2015-09-15T13:58:0989 views00:25:01
  • BHN Series: Episode 5- AbortionBHN Series: Episode 5- Abortion
    BHN Ministries presents in detail the origins of abortion, and why it is wrong and is evil in the eyes of god. and when the babies are aborted, where do they go? what is the spirit behind rejecting giving birth? What do the word of God have to say...bhnministries2015-09-15T13:42:39107 views00:21:55
  • BHN Series: Episode 7- The RaptureBHN Series: Episode 7- The Rapture
    BHN Series: In this seventh episode, BHN ministries touches on one of the most popular, controversial christian topics of all time, The Rapture. What is the rapture? when will it occur? , and are we close to this event?, what must we do to be rapt...bhnministries2015-09-15T13:42:3975 views00:19:18
  • BHN Series: Episode 8- MasturbationBHN Series: Episode 8- Masturbation
    BHN Series: This Episode with show that it is clear from Scripture that illicit sexual fantasies are forbidden, and this is a significant issue with masturbation. How masturbation is in connection with sin, through lustful thoughts and adultery in...bhnministries2015-09-15T13:42:381,358 views00:12:05
  • BHN Series: Episode 9- ForgivenessBHN Series: Episode 9- Forgiveness
    BHN Series: In this episode we provide reason that we must forgive. According to the word of God, Jesus commanded us to forgive. We learn from Scripture, if we don't forgive, neither will we be forgiven.bhnministries2015-09-15T13:42:3662 views00:10:16
  • BHN Series: Episode 2- The Truth Behind ChristmasBHN Series: Episode 2- The Truth Behind Christmas
    BHN Series: The Truth Behind Christmas explains the origins, and mystery behind the Christmas and the Christmas spirit. where was it originated? why exactly is it celebrated? who is Santa Claus?bhnministries2015-09-15T13:35:1171 views00:32:45
  • BHN Series: Episode 3- The Four Blood MoonsBHN Series: Episode 3- The Four Blood Moons
    BHN Series: We are in a special unique time where 4 blood moons will occur directly on all major Jewish holidays in 2014 and 2015. We are two blood moons down, and two more to go. are we in the last days? are these blood moons a prophetic signific...bhnministries2015-09-15T13:35:09100 views00:26:07
  • BHN Series: Episode 4- Life After DeathBHN Series: Episode 4- Life After Death
    BHN Series: What exactly happens when we die? what happens to Christians when they die? What will happen to sinners and atheist when they die? is there really a Heaven or Hell? is there really an afterlife?bhnministries2015-09-15T13:27:2141 views00:19:41
  • BHN Series: Episode 6- The Truth Behind HalloweenBHN Series: Episode 6- The Truth Behind Halloween
    BHN Series: What is the real deal behind the yearly mass celebration of Halloween? what are it's origins? and it's purpose. Are Christians able to celebrate this holiday even if it is just for fun? What does the word of God have to say?bhnministries2015-09-15T13:19:35129 views00:15:08
  • BHN Series: Episode 1- Dinosaurs In The BibleBHN Series: Episode 1- Dinosaurs In The Bible
    BHN Series: Dinosaurs In The Bible is our very first episode of a series of topics dealing with the word of God. Many believe dinosaurs existed only millions of years ago, what does the bible has to say?bhnministries2015-09-15T11:36:45109 views00:25:01