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  • The Jesus Tomb UnmaskedThe Jesus Tomb Unmasked
    In 1980, a tomb was discovered in Jerusalem. Recently, the documentary, "The Jesus Family Tomb", claimed that two bone boxes found in the tomb contained the bones of Jesus Christ and his wife. But what does the evidence REALLY say? Was Jesus marri...assocbiblicalresearch2012-09-12T19:14:09370 views00:01:54
  • Jericho UnearthedJericho Unearthed
    Jericho Unearthed is a cutting edge DVD prominently featuring ABR Director of Research, Dr. Bryant Wood. The evidence from Jericho is presented, the basics of archaeology are explained, and the history of excavations at Jericho are also outlined. ...assocbiblicalresearch2012-09-11T12:59:07442 views00:02:08