The Afters


“God Is With Us” Inspiring Single From The Afters - Christian Music Videos

Though we may sometimes feel alone, the truth is shared beautifully in this video of “God Is With Us,” the inspiring single from The Afters.

The Afters originated in a Starbucks coffee shop in Mesquite, Texas, where two of their founding members were working together. Josh Havens and Matt Fuqua, along with Dan Ostebo who joined the group around 2007, are still writing music and playing together after nearly 25 years! Originally known as Blisse, The Afters has been performing since 1999. They have history!

They also have life experience. The hurts and heartaches that the band have endured over the years inspire their music. Josh Havens shared an example back in May 2019, just prior to the release of their Album, Fear No More. 

Referencing the epidemic of anxiety in today’s world and his own experience with worry,  Josh stated to The Christian Post, “We wanted to write songs that are anthems to sing over your life when it gets hard. God is real and present and has this all-consuming love that we so desperately need.”

Featuring their new single, recorded in August 2023, The Afters’ video combines images and words to remind us that God is always there. In brokenness and death, sickness and addiction, and fear, He is there. 

We see two stories depicted in the video. The first is a man who has lost his wife, probably to divorce; however, that is not certain. The second is a young mother who appears to have lost her husband to death, but don’t look too closely at the years on the tombstone. That’s totally not the point!

Four lines from the song’s chorus are as follows:

He is right here where He’s always been
He never left, and He never will
Where is God
God is with us

Shots of magnificent skies and landscapes alternate with scenes from the lives of two desperate individuals dealing with losses. God’s handiwork alone is evidence of His omnipotence, but perhaps we see His presence more clearly when He works in our own lives—rescues us in our despair.

As the video progresses, the gentleman seems to move from depression to healing, and the grieving woman is able to laugh and live again. He is there, even in our darkest moments! And, when we trust Him in the pain, He sees us through it. 

Musicians and celebrities aren’t immune to the ugly stuff that life brings, and when they use their experiences to inspire and inform the words and melodies they bring to listeners… they’ve made something good from the bad. And, that’s totally the point!

“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Psalms 23:4