Steven Curtis Chapman


Steven Curtis Chapman ‘Living Color’ Moving Performance At Grand Ole Opry - Christian Music Videos

One of the biggest names in Christian music, Steven Curtis Chapman, put on an outstanding and moving performance of his tune “Living Color” at the Grand Ole Opry.

Music is one of the many ways the good Lord has blessed our lives. He allows us to enjoy sweet and beautiful sounds produced by talented individuals. In addition to entertainment, music can tell personal, heartfelt stories and praise and worship the Lord. 

In a clip posted on YouTube, Steven performs “Living Color.” “Living Color” is a beautifully written song about a friendship between two young boys – one Black and one white. The lyrics detail some of their experiences and adventures growing up, including playing in the marching band at Disney World and selling chocolate door to door.

“And his skin was black, and my skin was white
And the sky was blue, and the future was bright
And our blood ran red in both our veins
And we were lookin’ at the world in living color”

As the song continues, listeners soon learn that the two best friends grew apart. One of the children moved away as they entered high school. Life took them in different directions, and they lost touch. 

However, years later, after first falling out of touch, one of the now-grown men grew curious about his childhood buddy. He decided to do a little research to see if he could find out whatever happened to his friend.

Sadly, as Steven sings, the man learns that his friend has passed away. However, the man who passed away was said to have been a family man who worked hard and loved the Lord. 

This song, while it feels very personal to Steven, could easily be applied to our lives. How often do people pass in and out of our lives? We are often left wondering whatever happened to this person or that person. 

But this is a reminder of how much we can and do impact the lives of others, likely in ways that we never even imagined. 

1 Thessalonians 5:11 “So then, go on comforting and building up one another, as you have been doing.”