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'Glory Hallelujah' Selah Official Music Video - Christian Music Videos

Listen to this amazing song called ‘Glory Hallelujah’ by the group Selah. “We can see the signs unfolding, they're growing day by day Each sign reveals the same thing, the time's about to come The Savior has been promised, oh come behold His birth He's lying in a manger, God's hope for all the earth The Savior is here, tell all the good news, sing out with songs of joy, the anthem is true” What an incredibly powerful and beautiful song! And Selah’s Allan Hall, Amy Perry, and Todd Smith did a wonderful job performing ‘Glory Hallelujah’ which celebrates the birth of our Savior. Their vocals are full of such power and love for our Lord. “Such a reminder of what this season is all about - not Santa, not gifts but the birth of Christ,” comments one person on YouTube. “Praise be to our Father, Creator of heaven and earth. Wonderful song of praise and adoration. God bless you and your beautiful voices,” writes another person online. The group Selah has sold over 4 million albums and earned 11 GMA Dove Awards. “For more than 20 years, with their soaring harmonies and distinctive lead vocals, they have breathed new life into timeless musical treasures that have ministered to believers for generations,” according to their YouTube page. “One thing I always go back to is hope,” Todd Smith says. “Hope has always been a big theme in our music. He always carries you through, and we pray that our music is always a reminder that you matter and that God is working. He is bringing you along into His story.” We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Glory Hallelujah’ today – a big song about the hope that Jesus brings into the world. May we never forget that he is the greatest gift we have ever received.