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'Good Lord' - Lecrae, Andy Mineo (Official Video) - Christian Music Videos

‘Good Lord’ performed by Lecrae and Andy Mineo will have you grooving, dancing, and singing, Good Lord!”

The official music video is directed by Nathan Corrona, with additional creative input by its co-stars Lecrae and Andy Mineo. The pair had so much fun creating a low-budget comedy film, and during the creative process, several songs like “Good Lord” are leaving fans asking for more. 

Even when I'm down bad
Yeah, I know how to bounce back
'Cause you know I got a good Lord

Christian music fans will no doubt recognize Lecrae, the Grammy-winning Christian artist who describes himself as ‘a kid raised in hip hop culture who came to know Jesus.’ Lecrae strives to “represent faith and Hip-Hop with an Unashamed edge that challenges the Church to live up to its potential and encourages the Culture to reconcile with its Savior.”

Both Lecrae and Andy Mineo star in the video as two inexperienced filmmakers who are determined to produce a great movie, but they are laughed out of every Hollywood studio. The pair decide to do it themselves despite having no budget and low-quality film equipment. The music video chronicles their adventures, and they “accidentally” create a fantastic music video. 

I don’t know what I love more, the beat of the music, the clothes, the hair, or the different clips in the music video. Either way, it’s been added to my work commute playlist. The song puts a groove in my step and reminds me no matter what comes my way, I can say, “Good Lord!” Other viewers who have watched the video feel the same way. 

One viewer noted, “Andy Mineo and Lecrae need to do more acting and comedy skits. They've got a talent for it especially together.” I agree, the pair have great chemistry. Another viewer felt encouraged. She added, “These two men of God are absolutely nuts! I needed this video today. Thank you, gentleman, for being yourselves as you love God and follow Christ Jesus. Don't ever stop.” 

People are wanting more. Another viewer commented, “This has to be one of the best/most creative songs/videos I've seen in a while!! Everything fits so well! Like, if I was to visualize what I thought the video would be while listening to the song, this would be exactly what I pictured!” 

I think Andy and Lecrae are tapping into what people want! I hope this humorous music video and song puts a groove in your step and lifts your spirit!