Jordan Feliz


'The River' Jordan Feliz Cover From The Ball Brothers - Christian Music Videos

The Ball Brothers perform a beautiful cover of the Jordan Feliz hit song ‘The River.’ This incredible song reminds us all that there is a place that we can all go and lay our troubles down at His feet. “Like a tide, it is rising up deep inside a Current that moves and makes it come alive Living water that brings the dead to life, oh-oh-oh-oh We're going down to the river” Over the years, these 4 talented vocalists have garnered over 100 million video views online. Together, they are leading the way in contemporary Christian music with their powerful covers and stunning original compositions. The Ball Brothers truly possess a unique sound that sets them apart from the rest. And it is so amazing to hear them use their talents to praise His name. Today, they are lending their vocals to the Jordan Feliz song, ‘The River.’ Just listen as they belt out the poignant chorus that drives the message home. “Down to the river, down to the river to pray Let's get washed by the water Washed by the water and rise up in amazing grace Let's go down, down, down to the river (You will leave changed) Let's go down, down, down to the river (Never the same)” This song truly ignites your fire for the Lord and reminds us all that when we give our hearts to God, we are opening ourselves up for a truly better life. Who else is ready to go down to the river to pray?