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  • X Gangster redeemedX Gangster redeemed
    Eddie was in prison for 35 years for Murders, Drug Trafficing, Mafia Italian and Hispanic, and other criminal activities .. until one day he excepted Jesus Christ and the scales from his eyes were lifted ... and now he is a shining light sharing h...advertisingusa2013-03-06T12:09:051,075 views00:04:35
    These unforgotten elders have mostly been dropped off by their families. We
    are their family ... the family of God!
    advertisingusa2012-08-24T19:39:05241 views00:03:29
  • Jesus is Revealed in the CloudsJesus is Revealed in the Clouds
    I shoot pictures every morning for years. This video was inspired for me to take some of my footage along with new footage to bring Gods Creation in doors to the nursing homes ... one morning a cross, then a heart then Jesus appeared within 7 minu...advertisingusa2012-04-13T03:14:04383 views00:04:53
  • Humble Yourself... facing 5th surgeryHumble Yourself... facing 5th surgery
    Sherita is facing 5th surgery ... the Lord is her strength ... think so?
    advertisingusa2012-01-26T09:14:36315 views00:01:52
  • To Know Him is To Love Him 2 days after surgeryTo Know Him is To Love Him 2 days after surgery
    Sherita just got out of the hospital after
    having 4 surgeries in one month ... she came over 2 days later and sang this song .... in pain .. she is facing her 5th surgery ... we are praying for a healing!
    The Lord is here strength!
    advertisingusa2012-01-25T17:34:20318 views00:02:26
  • Jesus is for REAL!!!Jesus is for REAL!!!
    These are real pictures that I took ...
    In the video you will see a cross that turned into a heart that turned into Jesus ... within 7 minutes! You will
    be blessed ...
    advertisingusa2012-01-25T16:09:21470 views00:06:04
  • Brain Tumor HealingBrain Tumor Healing
    Renee has a story about how The Lord
    healed her ... she had a tumor the size of a grapefruit in her brain which was
    cancer. She is now doing well as you will see in this like changing video!
    advertisingusa2012-01-25T15:39:20394 views00:26:23