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A Response to MacArthur's Justification of Remarriage in Matthew 5

This is a letter I wrote to my pastor which has been slightly shortened for the video. It argues against John MacArthur’s interpretation of Matthew 5 in his commentary, which my pastor had given me to help explain his own position. I thought I should reply in detail. I respect my pastor and the seriousness with which he takes doctrine, but like most he has been misled about marriage.

I also want to point out, in critiquing MacArthur’s interpretation, that I find him a valuable commentator otherwise, and agree with him on many points. So while I think he’s terribly wrong about the New Testament’s marriage teachings, I read his work a lot myself.

You can find this essay at my holiness and reform website at the bottom of the Covenant Marriage page.

While I did not include the full text of early Christian fathers in this video, you can find one list right here: It is ALSO linked to at the bottom of my Covenant Marriage page.

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