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Shameless Persistence in Prayer
What prayer of yours has seemed to be unanswered for a while?

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In Our Darkest Moments, God is There



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  • Faith and Walls Part Two
    Faith and Walls Part TwoThis is the second part of the Whacky Radio show.
    With a thought for the day, Bible story and songs.
    For Kids eight to eighty.
    Copyright to JB Productions and UFC United for Christ Radio.
    radio4kids2012-02-17T17:07:09396 views00:10:27
  • Faith and Walls Part One
    Faith and Walls Part OneOnce again the Folks at the Radio Station, put together a whacky show just for you.
    Our DIY expert tries to fix the walls of
    Jericho without much success.
    Bless you for listening.
    radio4kids2012-02-17T16:59:06420 views00:09:23
  • Running Races includes Stoats Part Two
    Running Races includes Stoats Part TwoJB Productions presents a quirky Bible entertainment show for all the family to enjoy.
    With Porter the Pig, Granny Daisy, Cheeky Charlie, Panda and his thought for the day, and of course Auntie Joy, who wishes you people out there a very Happ...
    radio4kids2012-02-10T17:34:21385 views00:12:02
  • Running Races Includes Stoats Part One
    Running Races Includes Stoats Part OneIf you are not familar with the Joy Bell Radio Show, now is the time to kick of your shoes and enjoy twenty minutes of Bible Fun presented in a very unique way, you have been warned....
    Bless you and remember you are not alone when Granny's c...
    radio4kids2012-02-10T17:19:19372 views00:08:31
  • Budget Cut for St Dene's part two
    Budget Cut for St Dene's part twoThe Bungling grumbling Radio Gang are trying to make ends meet,
    We feel must apologise to our dear listeners as Granny Daisy is responsible for the picture of Humphrey Bogart she didn't have her glasses and assumed they were listening to the...
    radio4kids2012-02-09T11:34:21318 views00:10:35
  • Budget Cuts for St Dene's Part One
    Budget Cuts for St Dene's Part OneAs recession hits the dear little town of Dilly Wells, The Radio Show from St Dene's is hard hit too, and cuts have to be made.
    A family Audio show, for all ages.
    The Bible story is called 'The Rich Ruler'
    The Joy Bell Radio show ...
    radio4kids2012-02-09T10:04:20351 views00:09:45
  • Lost- Part Two
    Lost- Part TwoThis is part Two of the show about Lost things, featuring the story of the Lost Sheep. If you are at home doing the decorating, why not give the Radio Show a click, there are no pictures and it's all free.
    Copyright to United For Christ Rad...
    radio4kids2012-02-06T17:39:22432 views00:09:55
  • Radio Show From St Dene's -Lost
    Radio Show From St Dene's -LostJoin all your pals down at St Dene's for another addition of the Joy Bell Radio Show.
    Described as a type of Bible Muppet Show.
    Bringing Christian thoughts, bible Stories and songs for all the family to enjoy.
    Copyright United For ...
    radio4kids2012-02-06T17:34:21387 views00:10:15
  • Space Race Part Two
    Space Race Part TwoFun Children's entertainment with songs and Bible Story.
    Easy listening for all the family.

    Copyright to JB Productions and
    UFC Radio. United For Christ Radio Grimsby.
    radio4kids2012-01-22T15:09:20450 views00:08:21
  • Space Race -Part One
    Space Race -Part OneSpace Race from Dilly Common.

    Copyright JBProductions
    radio4kids2012-01-21T06:19:35415 views00:11:10
  • End of Pier Christmas Show Part3
    End of Pier Christmas Show Part3The final part of the End of Pier Christmas Show.

    Copyright Jb Productions.
    Produced by K.Bell
    Direction, script and music Public Domain, and alternate lyrics for Jingle Bells, Joy Bell.
    radio4kids2012-01-18T07:39:42306 views00:02:50
  • Christmas show part two
    Christmas show part twoLive from Spume on Sands, the Christmas Special, this is part Two of the show.
    Copyright to JB Productions and UFC Radio Grimsby
    radio4kids2012-01-18T07:24:39233 views00:12:46
  • End of the Pier Christmas Show
    End of the Pier Christmas ShowEnjoy this happy mix of songs, The meaning of Christmas.
    Yes it may be January but at St Dene's time just seem to be on a go slow...
    This was recorded for UFC Radio Grimsby and is a production of JB Productions.
    Christian entertai...
    radio4kids2012-01-18T06:59:39326 views00:04:27
  • St Dene's Wedding Part Two
    St Dene's Wedding Part TwoBob Drizzle get's forced into a marriage with Lady Foundation.
    Paster Sauce conducts the wedding from St Dene's and Charlie tells the story of the Ten Bridesmaids.
    Songs are written and provided by a flock of Robins called the Robin Sing...
    radio4kids2012-01-12T10:04:19307 views00:10:15
  • St Dene's Royal Wedding Show
    St Dene's Royal Wedding ShowAnother Broadcast live from St Dene's in the Vale, near Spume on Sands.
    Join Auntie Joy, Porter the Pig, Charlie and Panda for more fun, Bible stories and thoughts.
    Copyright to JB Productions C/O United in Christ Radio for ...
    radio4kids2012-01-12T09:54:20430 views00:09:50
  • Charlie's Christmas Carol
    Charlie's Christmas CarolPart Three of the Radio broadcast of Charlie's Christmas Carol
    JB Productions All rights reserved
    Copyright UFC Grimsby radio
    radio4kids2012-01-11T08:09:14331 views00:09:42