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Responding to Suffering
How do you feel when your life is interrupted by suffering and adversity?

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  • Merriam Insurance Veterinarian Promo
    Merriam Insurance Veterinarian PromoFluffy the cat and Leopold the dog talk about the Merriam Insurance Agency's special veterinarian program. Are you curious about your policy's coverage? Well, just call the Merriam Agency! 1-877-MERRIAM (637-7426).

    For more information ...
    moongoon2011-06-25T18:34:461,005 views00:01:39
  • S.P.D.S.T. Episode 6
    S.P.D.S.T. Episode 6It snowed so Dad got out the olde sled and Tyler, my sister, and I were pulled behind the car at breakneck speed. And about the music. Why? Duh, cause everything is cooler with dubstep!moongoon2011-03-10T15:00:271,121 views00:02:16
  • NSD Powerinator
    NSD PowerinatorOur good old leather-clad friend pulls up to a drive-thru. Will they have what he wants? If not, will they pay? Find out! www.strongerwrist.commoongoon2011-03-05T16:17:23855 views00:01:12
  • The Elevator Ride
    The Elevator RideThe second commercial for the NSD Powerball! Ever been on an awkward elevator? Yeah... www.strongerwrist.commoongoon2011-03-04T13:12:201,155 views00:01:36
  • The Future Adventures of Ninja Jeff
    The Future Adventures of Ninja JeffA pilot for the upcoming new television miniseries epic. When the future is in peril, who will be there to save us? Where is a ninja when you need one?moongoon2011-03-04T12:57:22850 views00:01:09
  • Jenson Stores His Stuff
    Jenson Stores His StuffA commercial I made for a national competition online, the top prize was $5,000. The short was nominated but I was disqualified for being a minor at the time :P I got a mug, though :)moongoon2011-03-04T12:52:15809 views00:01:42
  • 2001 Wristball Odyssey
    2001 Wristball OdysseyDave is tired of almost being killed by HAL. He has to shut the computer down. But will HAL allow it? A short commercial for the NSD Powerball. For more info, go to views00:01:32
  • Night Of The Living Furnishings - Part 2: Bed By Dawn
    Night Of The Living Furnishings - Part 2: Bed By DawnFlow and Blow return in the sequel to the award nominated series. While spending a pleasant weekend in a log cabin in the middle of the dark and foreboding woods, Flow comes across a scary-looking book and, against better judgment, opens and reads...moongoon2011-03-02T17:37:07728 views00:07:20
  • Fleece Na De Da
    Fleece Na De DaHappy Christmas! A short musical animation I made for Christmas '08. Hope y'all enjoy it... even in the summer.moongoon2011-03-02T12:02:091,135 views00:01:54
  • The Fall of Man
    The Fall of ManWe all know the story of man's fall. However, do we know the full extent of the punishment? You have no idea.moongoon2011-02-28T19:02:021,664 views00:02:00
  • The Blue Lagoon
    The Blue LagoonOn a remote island, two teenagers are stranded together. They fall in love. However, they are not alone...moongoon2011-02-28T16:07:06787 views00:00:34
  • The Many Joys of Painting
    The Many Joys of PaintingA short episode on how to paint some happy trees. Are they happy, though?moongoon2011-02-28T13:52:05827 views00:01:04
  • Flupply of the Sea
    Flupply of the SeaFlupply, the computer animated sailor, defends the sea from the evil cgi (computer generated imagery) pirates! Sometimes, in a battle to the death!moongoon2011-02-28T13:42:07525 views00:02:18
  • 25 Anniversary
    25 AnniversaryA video for my parent's 25th. A look back on twenty-five great years!moongoon2011-02-27T19:27:00637 views00:04:39
  • Tyler Emeril Ray
    Tyler Emeril RayThe award winning cooking show produced by Martha Stewart. Today, we will learn how to make delicious, simple eggnog.moongoon2011-02-27T19:22:04527 views00:09:49
  • Disney Presents Sweeny Todd
    Disney Presents Sweeny ToddThis is rare footage from an unmade Disney princess feature.moongoon2011-02-24T12:18:01552 views00:02:08