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Judgment and Obedience
Are you more concerned with pleasing people than God?

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Blessed are the Meek



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  • Go With God, Parts 1-2b
    Go With God, Parts 1-2bLESLIE'S SALT SHAKER I: "By now you know you will be receiving a new pastor as of July, 2010. It's exciting to think about what the future will bring our way! A new door opens, a new adventure begins! Hopefully by the time you read this it ...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:19:38971 views00:02:34
  • Go With God, Parts 1-4
    Go With God, Parts 1-4Memorial United Methodist Church wrote, "Pastor Denice Leslie has been re-appointed to the United Methodist Church in Hughson, California after serving Memorial for 13 years. During those years, Pastor Denice has helped place Memorial on a s...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:17:35721 views00:05:50
  • Go With God, Parts 1-3
    Go With God, Parts 1-3The Newsletter of Clovis Memorial United Methodist Church, May 2010, with the headline: "GOODBYE POTLUCK FOR DENICE LESLIE JUNE 6." The article continues with these words: "Mark your calendars: Memorial UMC will hold a church fam...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:17:35712 views00:04:05
  • Go With God, Parts 1-2
    Go With God, Parts 1-2In "The Newsletter of Clovis Memorial United Methodist Church" May 2010 issue, Cecil Leonardo, Chairperson of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee, wrote with this headline: "UNITED METHODIST CHURCH PASTORAL APPOINTMENT-

    hmong4life2010-10-02T02:17:351,682 views00:01:11
  • Go With God, Part 5b
    Go With God, Part 5bPastor Denice wrote in the Newsletter of Clovis Memorial United Methodist Church, May 2010: "Finally, changes in pastor are times folks tend to stand back and reassess their commitments. Folks, when all is said and done, it's your church. H...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:17:21501 views00:04:03
  • Go With God, Part 4b
    Go With God, Part 4bPastor Denice wrote in the Newsletter of Clovis Memorial United Methodist Church, May 2010: "When I first came here you brought us a meal for the first night and a gift basket and provided us with a list of local businesses such as a good ca...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:17:21585 views00:02:30
  • Go With God, Part 3b
    Go With God, Part 3bPastor Denice wrote in the Newsletter of Clovis Memorial United Methodist Church, May 2010: "Second, a new pastor arriving at a new church is very similar, as one church consultant shared during a Transition Workshop, to an actor being parac...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:17:211,509 views00:02:23
  • Go With God, Part 2a
    Go With God, Part 2aPastor Denice wrote in the Newsletter of Clovis Memorial United Methodist Church, May 2010: "First, leadership is a partnership. It does not reside in one person. It is about the relationship you build together. Plan now to do your part. And...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:17:21551 views00:01:25
  • Go With God, Part 1a
    Go With God, Part 1aPastor Denice wrote in the Newsletter of Clovis Memorial United Methodist Church, May 2010: "Dear Hearts and Gentle: People, by the time you receive this issue of the Good News I will have four weeks remaining with you as your pastor. My ti...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:17:21590 views00:01:35
  • Friendship Feast
    Friendship FeastOn April 28, 2010, Rev. Paul Joseph Yang and his family was invited to a potluck dinner by Nora Jean Moore and Jane Weaver. At Jane Weaver's home, the "Friendship Feast" was awesome. What a great time of fellowship with delicious food ...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:17:20961 views00:03:19
  • Go With God 6
    Go With God 6The Newsletter of Clovis Memorial United Methodist Church, June 2010: A GIFT FOR DENICE. "To honor Denice for her 13 years as our pastor, we would like to present her with a congregational gift that will remind her of Memorial United Method...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:15:17597 views00:01:27
  • Go With God 5
    Go With God 5LESLIE'S SALT SHAKER III: "Once more - the time has been toooo short! Seems like just yesterday when I first started here. Much love to all of you and may God richly bless you and your ministry in this community in the years ahead! Until we...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:15:17539 views00:02:57
  • Go With God 4
    Go With God 4LESLIE'S SALT SHAKER II: "What I really want to do in this article, however, is lift up someone who deserves our thanks and praise in a really big way: Connie Alfaro. Connie has served as our Director of Youth for the last nine years. Week in...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:15:16772 views00:02:05
  • Go With God 3
    Go With God 3LESLIE'S SALT SHAKER I: "It's time for me to say farewell as your pastor and join you as your friend in the Clovis community and in the pew. I look forward with you to the coming of your new pastor, Janette Saavedra. I know you are going to e...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:15:16724 views00:02:05
  • Go With God 2
    Go With God 2On this Pentecost Sunday, we honor The Reverend Denice Dlaubic Leslie, pastor of Memorial United Methodist Church in Clovis, CA.hmong4life2010-10-02T02:15:16570 views00:01:11
  • Go With God 1
    Go With God 1On this Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2010, we honor The Reverend Denice Dluabci Leslie for your wonderful 13 years of ministry at Memorial United Methodist Church in Clovis, CA. Starting July 1, 2010, Pastor Leslie will serve Hudgson United Methodis...hmong4life2010-10-02T02:15:161,216 views00:01:30