• 2013-12-12T03:45:03

Im on my Tablet and it won't let me see the video. This happens a lot on you page. Any suggestions?

  • 2012-04-11T13:27:36

I really like your Masks video. Is there a way I can get a version that I don't need internet to view it by May 11th for a girls identity conference I am doing?

  • 2011-12-01T19:36:30

GAY CHRISTIAN SUES BIBLE PUBLISHER AND TELLS ALL IN NEW BOOK. Canton, MI- Matthew 22:29 instructs: Yes err not knowing the Scriptures. And, author B.L. Fowler agrees. So much, he sued three leading Bible publishers for discriminating against homosexuals. As a result, his new book entitled We Err Not Knowing Or Studying The Scriptures-Matthew 22:29 has become a phenomenon “must read”. Ideally, the author expresses that countless religious followers have fallen prey to a lack of clarity concerning scriptural doctrine; and as a result, there is a gap between generations, concerning today’s secular era and same-sex agendas. In addition, he points out that gaining clarity on the Scriptures is important, especially for Right-Wing religious zealous Christians and Muslims. In fact, Mr. Fowler states the angel Gabriel plays a significant role in both religions, religious lore. Furthermore, Mr. Fowler recommends religious followers should cease being tense when faced with new age issues like same-sex marriage. He says the ideology concerning homosexuality derived from an inclusion of the term in the Holy Bible, during a revision session, which began in the early seventies. In fact, author B.L.Fowler conveys research proving it was St. Thomas Aquinas who began the rally to oppose acceptance of same-sex love. Meanwhile, the discovery of scriptural clarity has helped the author relinquish his fear towards other religious followers such as Muslims, a religious sector Fowler admits he’s held negative reservations towards, since the September 11th tragedy. However, he expresses a sincere concern for all religious followers to begin rebuilding a better world, one that every one can live peaceably in. In fact, the author points out that too often religious followers hold grudges towards other denominations, without true cause; and quite often, this stems from a lack of understanding of the religious lore followed by a specific group. He adds, “Christians and Muslims have always held this dark shadow of indifferences between them. But it’s time our country resolve these issue, and the only way Christians can overcome their discomfort towards this group of followers is to learn the doctrine they profess to have so much faith in.”. In fact, the author has prepared an in-depth study into the world of religions such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, and others, hoping to gain understanding on what makes one different from they other, especially when there is only one Divine Creator. As a result, this 235 page guide encompasses the study of religion doctrine, the history of beliefs and tradition incorporated by each religion, and even explains scriptural revisions. In fact, Fowler sued Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, and William Tyndale for discriminating against homosexuals within the Scriptures. He says these publishers allowed Bible committees to revise the scripture to convey the negative connotation towards homosexual; and because of this inclusion, homosexuals have suffered grave injustice. To review his latest video on this issue, log on to http://matthew2229.webs.com. About the Author. Author B.L.Fowler began his religious studies through a correspondence course offered by the Church of God in Christ, in Lebanon, Tennessee. And later, began studying with the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian’s Writer Guild. Later, he joined the Universal Life Church Monastery; and then, began taking Comparative Religious courses at Florida Tech University. Today, he is a certified paralegal and member of the Human Rights Campaign, the International Society for Performance Improvement, the American Alliance for Paralegals Inc. and a certified nutritionist and aerobics and fitness trainer, with the International Fitness Association. Press Contact Positive Light for Positive Living. Canton, MI 48188. 734-680-5370 Email: positivelightforliving@gmail.com

  • 2011-11-24T21:58:05

MESSAGE FROM JESUS TO inspiredfaith's: " DON'T QUOTE SCRIPTURE TO SUPPORT ANIMAL THANKSGIVING PRAYER, NO! PRAYER IS FOR US AND DON'T NEED LOWER CREATURES TO REMIND US. THEY BY THEIR NATURE WON'T PRAY, IT IS WE HUMANS, WHO TEACH THIS BLASPHEMY TO THEM. DO NOT JUSTIFY IT. IT IS NOT APPROVED BY THE LORD ALMIGHTY, IT IS NOT APPROVED BY THE SON JESUS, IT IS NOT APPROVED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT, NO!"-JESUS. Mabel Boycott says: I receive this message for you when Jesus viewed your comment to the dog's prayer quoting Psalm 100- and that was after He sent His disapproval to the video. Received on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 25, 2011, at 4:50 pm - Inspiredfaith's you are very fortunate for the Lord Jesus to speak directly to you. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

  • 2011-11-09T20:35:35

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just watch

  • 2011-09-07T02:04:08

hello what is the title of the song in the hysterical sign vid? thank you

  • 2011-08-09T13:15:40

YES they DO!

  • 2011-08-08T01:08:19

God is Good...All the time.....

  • 2011-06-28T11:43:52

God is faithful.

  • 2011-06-26T09:13:16

check ts vd guys...its just too goood!

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