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Sound Sensitive
Just as with Samuel, may we know the presence of God throughout the day.

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In Remembrance - Memorial Day



The Full Story of Christian the Lion



  • 2013-05-18T12:50:22

This is my favorite video of all time! If there's only one video that I can watch for the rest of my life, it is the video on Christian the Lion.

  • 2011-10-17T12:20:46

WOW..its inspire me..for the true love..God's Love to His people..

  • 2011-10-17T07:37:44

I asked my seventh day adventist uncle about whether animals will be in heaven. He said that the bible says they won't? Anyway, lets say they will be. Are they to be judged based on whether they were good or bad? Which animals get to go? Just the big land dwelling animals? what about sea creatures, insects... all the way down to single cell orgamisms? where will god draw the line? lets just say he chooses mammals... will it be every mammal that ever lived from 6000 yrs ago? cause thats an awful lot of animals! Will he bring back the likes of brachiosaurus, or is he still of the opinion they were a mistake?

  • 2011-10-17T07:28:30

the FULL story, in just 2mins... don't think so! Christian was NOT considered to be completely wild. He lived in a reserve with a human carer. Sure he was 'king of his own pride' One tame lioness & a cub. Look at him, his mane is only just starting to grow, he's still an adolescent. Look him up on youtube for the story that isn't twisted & exaggerated... because it is a wonderful story.

  • 2011-10-15T13:44:24

Whwn deep love is shown be us even the lions will never forget it. Are we ready for such of love?

  • 2011-10-15T11:07:37

wooooow! amazing! that's what we'll do in heaven..playing with lions.

  • 2011-10-15T07:34:38


  • 2011-10-14T07:08:56