PRE-ROAD TRIP! (Modern Marriage Moments)



  • 2014-02-14T20:31:36

I have 1 bag for The Weekend, Sweetie has 3. daughters have 3-4 EACH. always plan to leave 2 hours later, or 1 day later if gone for 7-10 days. have to hook up the 1/2 ton trailer for more than a week trip. Sons each take 1 bag for 7days. Must be a Girls & Guys thing.

  • 2014-02-04T13:50:59

Actually, my husband needs twice as much bag space as I do. Seriously. But he is the one who packs the car (while I pack not only my bag but stuff for our four children).

  • 2014-02-04T01:44:36

Making up the bed. My wife has three covers on the bed which have to be arranged and turn back a certain way and there are twelve pillows which have different colors and decorative impressions. I cannot remember the correct order for making up the bed. It is like a rubics cube. ....and what color is taupe. I don't even know how to spell it. Taube is when you take a red pillow and put it in direct sunlight for twelve years. I looked up taupe in Wikipedia and it said it was the color of a French groundhog. Now who saw a French groundhog and decided to duplicate the color and call it taupe?

  • 2014-02-04T01:18:25

Funny and true, Pray your way through.

  • 2014-02-03T20:01:33

This was very funny, and the first video I have watched of you two.

  • 2014-02-03T19:57:16

Try building a fire in a fireplace ,where is starter? Where is the wood? wood is to big ,to wet,o'my goodness forget it turn on heater!

  • 2014-02-01T15:25:23

Wait until you get four kids !!

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