Family Sings Mighty to Save in Waiting Room With Baby in Critical Condition - INSPIRING!



  • 2012-07-23T03:29:08

My heart breaks for this family, but God has a plan and a purpose for us all. He is mighty to save and an on time god. God said suffer not the little children for they are to be brought unto me. Aiden is resting in the arms of Jesus and never more to hurt, cry, or see the ugliness of this world. Instead he is seeing beauty, light and streets of gold. May God be with you during this time of loss and in time heal your hearts knowing that you had a special liitle boy as a gift from God. God Bless you all Mount Airy, N.C.

  • 2012-07-23T03:15:19

It just breaks my heart that this family had to go through this experience. But, it is such an awesome display of faith to see them praising God through what had to be one of the hardest moments they have ever faced. Thanks for sharing your testament.

  • 2012-07-23T02:18:24

It was sad when I seen this video. Now baby Aiden doesn't have to go through no more pain! He is with GOD. My prayers goes to Baby Aidens parents! Its such a blessing that people started singing at the hospital for Aiden! Amen Jesus concord the grave!

  • 2012-07-23T02:00:20

Bless you all! I am so sorry for your loss.Aiden will forever look upon his family from heaven and smile!

  • 2012-07-22T21:48:24

I choreographed a messianc/Jewish dance to this song. Beautiful...so many applications. My life and then Aiden's....so many people God has revealed how mighty he is...even in loss. Amazingly He can bring to good that which is soooo painful.

  • 2012-07-22T19:51:12

I am so very sorry in Your' loss. Heaven has gained an Angel. My Love and prayers are with You All.

  • 2012-07-22T18:15:26

I've been having a terrible week filled with trials, I feel like the world is ending. But then I take a look at this video and realized that if people can be filled with such praise for something such as this, how can I not do the same? Instead of begging God to change things, I need to praise him where I am at. I don't know why I am here, but as I've heard quoted before "If God brought you to it, he'll bring you through it".

  • 2012-07-22T15:50:26

Oh to be able to sing in the valleys of the shadow such songs of trust and faith as this dear family shows here, this is only what faith in Christ can do for us. Moved to the depths of my heart this morning as I watched this. So sorry for the loss of their sweet child, but as they know, they will hold him again, until then he is safe and well in the arms of God. Praying for this dear family.

  • 2012-07-22T01:24:33

God bless this precious family. May God give you comfort and strength at this time.

  • 2012-07-22T01:09:35

My heart goes out to this family. Knowing that their faith got them through this just goes to show faith CAN move mountains.

  • 2012-07-22T00:50:04

I am deeply sorrowed for your loss. Prayers for the family. Gratefully you know Him.

  • 2012-07-21T22:57:28

Beautiful words....Bless this family Lord. Give them comfort as only you can.

  • 2012-07-21T15:19:49

there are little to no words to explain how something like this could make you feel! thoughts and prayers are with this family!

  • 2012-07-21T08:38:50

Just like these people, you to are an inspiration to people everywhere JA.

  • 2012-07-21T03:56:42

King of Kings, Lord of Lords, please comfort and give strength to this faithful family. Let Aiden's Mama & Papa see beyond the veil to know Aiden is truly in your presence. Please hold this family near and dear in your loving embrace.

  • 2012-07-20T23:40:12

Thank you for sharing. What am amazingly anointed song you choose to sing at your most difficult time in your lives. God will honor you as you honor Him. We too choose this song to sing with over 1,000 others at our 20 year old son's funeral. And the song still ministers to me. HE IS MIGHTY TO SAVE - Amen. <3

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