What options do Christian parents have when there are no Christian schools available to them?-Keith Nix



  • 2012-06-10T14:52:33

Thank you, Yosef. Actually I wrote this comment for an article on the US boys who are addicted to games and porn but I thought I could apply the same thing here.

  • 2012-06-10T14:44:45

Very well written!

  • 2012-06-08T20:27:11

Pray to God for the children earnestly and unceasingly. Lift them up before Him with all your soul. Pray for their salvation and share the Gospel. Teach children to utmost honor God. Tell them games and porns are despicable sins that ruin humanity. Ban them for your own children as long as possible. Allow non-violent games but not more than 20 minutes a day. Ban them for your guests under your roof. Create a different culture so there will be some toxicant-free humans left on earth. Make children study the Holy Bible, literature, math, natural science, history, a few foreign languages, normal art, and classic music whether they want or not as you work hard to feed them as well. Tell them our planet has billions of suffering people but some of us are not starving only because of so many people's sacrifices - parents, missionaries and American soldiers. Teach girls never to belittle boys and never marry any addicts. Teach boys it's their duty to die in protecting girls. Keep battling against the general sinful inclination of the children and never give up. Battle as if life depends on it, because it does; the kids made useless from pleasures and entertainment destroy everything from the foundation including themselves. Remember the deep sorrow of the sensible German parents under the Nazi regime last century and vow not to repeat the evil foolish compromise again. Talk about the Holocaust and about the Resistance Forces often so children will remember what kind of world they are living in. Send the good chunk of your income to the Christian mission agencies working in the third world so your kids won't taste unnecessary luxury that only further hurts the planet or grossly fattens them and so that mankind will always have some educated normal people alive all over the world even if all the rich nations collapse from the incurable immorality. Trust and testify that God is good and keeps His promises.

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