Bullied News Anchor Speaks Out on National Television



  • 2013-03-26T03:22:02

Jennifer, I personally think you are a beautiful woman and you appear to be a very loving person, which makes you one of the best role models on tv. Thank you for standing up to the guy and to help people to realize what they say around their children will have an affect on how they too treat others. I loved the family picture. GBU...Love ya...Tonia.

  • 2013-02-04T07:39:56

Thank you for standing up and speaking out with your story. I myself have been incredibly bullied in my business and workplace to the point of suicide and questioning my own self. The hardest part to deal with is all the doubts I now have about myself that I never have had before until I was being bullied and lied to because someone else was jealous of my work and efforts. Nothing I did was ever enough and he thinks that it's just a game and that he can treat people the way he wants. He has done more damage to me and my family then I can even believe. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  • 2012-12-23T18:50:10

There is always someone ready to find fault with other People. These 2 are telling it like it is. God Bless both of them and the one finding Fault, He really needs lots of Prayers.

  • 2012-11-06T14:12:13

I'm not going to judge the man that spoke so ill to you he will have to answer to God for that.. I'm a plus size women my self and it is not easy. Not only do we have to carry the extra weight but, we also get everyone comments to carry. You are a Beautiful women, not only on the outside. You are the total package. I want to Thank-you For Standing up to the Bullies you are a positive role keep up the good work..

  • 2012-11-04T05:27:16

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  • 2012-10-23T17:07:26

You rock, sister! You set your priorities, and follow through. God bless you and family.

  • 2012-10-23T12:41:41

Well expressed Julie Pierce Williams ! God Bless You! I am very short 5 ft. and large bones. When I gain 10 pounds, I look like I gained 20, When I loose it, same reversed. I went to see a Specialist in Petoskey Michigan, years ago that called me out loud a Fat Pig!!! I weighed 155 ! I cried all the way home. He was very tall and thin. Doctor's every where stated there was no way I could conceive a baby. I sat there , nothing on when this Doctor did this to me. I went on a diet and almost died! I was young at the time. I wish that Doctor was around to-day, because i had my only baby after praying non stop for 15 years!!! The emotional setback, he caused was very traumatic, I had councilling for years over it! I have helped many other young girls through the years with eating disorders. I took the negative and turned it into a positive!

  • 2012-10-23T12:16:01

One out of every third person has carbohydrate allergies and don't even know it! With food allergies you have tendency to crave certain foods. The person who commented you Jennifer was probably an ugly, unloved toothpick shaped person with no heart. Your, beautiful! To the Bully, Beauty is only skin deep, but Ugly, goes clean to the bone! Besides, there is only, ONE JUDGE! Go get him Jennifer! God Bless You!

  • 2012-10-20T08:10:48

I know how you feel. I was a veteran of the US Air Force and performed my duties and exceeded. Oh how I worked out and did pass out a couple of times while performing my duties during my struggle to stay in the Air Force as it was my life since I joined at age 17. After I gave birth to my first child it was all downhill after that as I used laitives and the sauna to pass my monthly weight checks. It was actually a relief at the end when I failed for a final time and went before a hearing to dicuss my future career in the Air Force. I was a assigned a lawyer for my review based on my rank and he found records from my medical record that my thyroid was low and undocumented. I even spent 3,00 dollars and flew to a specialist at Emory University and he determined the same. Alcolades and my Squadron Commander stood for me. I was Air Transportation and I alwys passed our PT test and at the end of the day an undocumented problem was my demise and ignored. I peaded with them to send me to a main Military hospital and see if my findings were correct. My job was a physical one and my weight never deterred me. My hearing was more like a coutmarshall, listing my failed weight cheks. The prosecution even said out of trial they take their children to private doctors as they could not trust the military doctors. My lawyer tried to get the remarks entered and the judge shot it down. I was dependent on the Military Medical machine and it let me down despite a civillian expert that I saw. I found out in my innocence that they do not care. They did not care about my awards or my contribution. It was all in how you look I suppose. The Air Force more than most of the other services. Especially the Navy. When the decision came down and announced I felt humiliated. I let my squadron down, I let the retirement that I could have expirienced in five short years fail away because of my failure After you have been in the service for so long, what is a measley five years? I let the Air Force down I let myself down at my failure. I did get seperation pay, which was a plus and I did get a administrative discharge for my last years of service. Not an Honorable as before when time of service ended but I had no choice but to accept it. The only thing was they did not recognize my condition as l as I pleaded to them, They did not even want to help me, excluding my squadron commander and Fisrt Sergeant as they were the very, very best. I begged them to take me to a proper main military hospital and test me as I was overseas. It fell on deaf ears. That was back in 1999. It took a year to get over the issues and humiliation I felt with a supportive husband who felt helpless on what to say but he loved me and still loves me to thiis day after 16 years of marrige. But I have a succesful career rwith a major computer company and I do miss the Air Force. My company only focuses on what I do and not weight. I will always reccomend the Air Force as a career choice despite what the machine did to me. Your on TV reply ws great and people must realize that sometime people are not fat by a choice, but sometimes becasue of medical reasons. A lot of people do not think that. Thank you for stating that. You are my hero!

  • 2012-10-15T02:07:09

I'm in agreement here. This guy is the problem with our society. The idea that you have to be anorexic to fit in and those who are not don't. Self esteem is a problem with our young, suicide rates are up, and this guy is promoting it. Sad.

  • 2012-10-15T00:31:01

Love u

  • 2012-10-15T00:27:08

You are not over weight, your BEAUTIFUL and always have been!

  • 2012-10-14T23:54:32

I would Love to have you as a friend on my facebook because I hate bullies and I am over weight you make me so proud. thank you for being you...JJ Sparks.

  • 2012-10-11T05:54:09

your children love you, your husband loves you, but most importantly God loves you and He made you in His image. That is the only scale you should chart yourself with (look up, not down).

  • 2012-10-10T13:16:56

This man is one who is contributing to the problem of our young girls and extremely dangerous and even life-threatening eating disorders! I was thin up until I had children (though I wouldn't give them back for any size 5!) and had gastric bypass to lose the weight. I was doing wonderfully until I had a hysterectomy and gained 30 lbs! So now I am struggling once again to get it off! I think it's great to have a beautiful anchor woman who is NOT a size 2 as a role model to our children - and especially our girls! You are EXACTLY what they need to see! They need to see that a woman can be successful, loving, caring, and absolutely gorgeous, and not have a teeny waist! You go girl!

  • 2012-10-10T02:24:19

Thanks Denise and we feel the same about the Cernansky family....

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