Casting Crowns - Jesus, Friend of Sinners (Official Music Video)



  • 2012-06-02T22:04:57

yes but God says in the bible that we must guard our heart because from this depends outcomes of life.

  • 2012-06-01T17:16:10

One of my favorite songs, a great reminder that the Creator and King of the universe desires to be His peoples friend and brother. Praise His holy name.

  • 2012-06-01T09:51:02

Amen, what a wonderful song of how we are loved by Jesus but has opened my eyes even more of how I am looking at everyone else and pointing my finger when actually it's faults that I have in my life. Lord break me and bring me to my knees let me humble myself to you.

  • 2012-05-25T19:07:21

When I heard this song it made me think about my attitude around people and how I should be aware of people's feelings more. I don't want to stop people's path to Christ. I don't want them to be discouraged towards. Christians who ourselves struggle with our flesh also. People don't understand our struggles especially when they don't know what they are. So, why should we hurt people because of how we feel today? It's not about us, it's about Christ and what he had done and what is is still doing. My brothers and sisters let us not have people look at us and say.....Humm...they serve Christ? Look at there attitude. Look how they speak. Look at how they dress. Let us be examples of Christ. How can I kneel and pray with a mouth that cussed my family and friends, judged them and gossiped about them? How can I ask for mercy if I haven't shown it? How can I be cruel to the people who love me but say I love God? My prayer is to let me heart be soft towards God and love like he loves. May I be convicted when I stray so I can pray.

  • 2012-05-24T12:14:09

HE is the only one who is good and his mercy endures forever. It is awesome to start seeing my nation ( Brazil) beginning to realize that. Amem!

  • 2012-05-19T15:57:47

Amen brother!!

  • 2012-05-12T19:02:12

I feel like we are disagreeing over whether salt is white or clear---How about this: if you love Jesus, type AMEN!

  • 2012-05-04T15:20:44

I saw Casting Crowns do tis song at a concert and it was absolutely beautiful. Thank you Casting Crowns for drawing us nearer to Thee and helping us face our sins and know that we are forgiven. Keep up the good work Crowns.

  • 2012-04-16T01:56:39

I love this: What if we are the only Jesus people see????????

  • 2012-04-13T20:08:15

this album will be on my must purchase list this weekend!

  • 2012-04-08T21:58:42

Joyce Worman Asher have you not heard of "free will"? that's what the garden of eden was all about, joyce. we ARE in charge. God is there...he's always there...but WE must go to HIM.

  • 2012-04-08T20:35:23

Marvin Hull, When we look in the mirror and see ourselves, we willl only lead others away from Jesus. However, if we look in the mirror and see a reflection of Jesus..... then and only then will we lead the lost to the True Shepppard, Jesus Christ. Yes we are the only Jesus some people will ever see......... What will these people see when they look at us? I Pray it is a reflection of Christ Jesus. Blessings, and thanks for your post.

  • 2012-04-08T16:40:06

I'm just a greatful sinner that the Lord touched 4 years ago and what this song means to me is. We all have one thing in common to reach the lost people of this world Jesus was the standered fo all of us and as for me iwill never forget wear icame from and who saved me for not one of us are without sin only the blood of Jesus cleans our sinful souls we must stand in this hour for the one who saved us.P.S forgive my spelling.

  • 2012-04-07T18:30:12

Evan Hollon "Be Still and know that I am God"

  • 2012-04-07T14:45:49

They will be in northern Indiana the last weekend in June at WFRN Friend Fest at Amish Acres in Nappanee. I can't wait to hear them sing this song. Check it out. Tickets are a great price for a 2 day event. See U there!

  • 2012-04-06T02:36:12

We have a greatest king , LORD of all.

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