Funny Kid Baptism



  • 2013-07-05T08:56:48

Swimming :D

  • 2013-07-04T22:32:47


  • 2012-07-17T23:05:26

When my younger son was baptized, he was a little afraid of the water, but after he came back up out of the water, he blinked, then said, right out loud, "Let's do it again!"

  • 2011-10-23T13:52:43

hahahaha he swim in baptism pool.

  • 2011-10-13T13:23:33

Well in the Bible it states, 'TO BE LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN'. We can take this statement with a different response but the end of the day it ends up exactly what God wants from us either to be understanding or at least have a sense of humor.....children teach us not to be so serious at the same time. God is so awesome and almighty!

  • 2011-10-06T23:37:35

Iance will be the next GoId MedaIist, he's off to a GREAT START!

  • 2011-10-06T15:01:07

Our God is a Fun God!

  • 2011-10-01T22:19:36

I could see Xander doing this. LOL

  • 2011-10-01T16:40:44

Remain immersed in HIS LOVE.

  • 2011-10-01T08:15:08

Hahahah...so cute:)

  • 2011-10-01T02:41:53

This just shows us what we already know about kids. They are unpredictable, and baptism is no exception to this rule. Kids will be kids. Lol! There is no harm done here. They are just being themselves, and we have to accept them and love them for who they are. Let us never forget that we all were once kids too. We adults just need to show them the correct way by our own example. We must also realize that only God knows what is in their little hearts. God bless you, my friends.

  • 2011-10-01T00:48:32

It's funny, at the same time it's inspiring!

  • 2011-09-30T20:38:48

So cute...

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