Celtic Woman Sings CHILLING Version Of ‘You Raise Me Up’ With Inner City Kids



  • 2015-10-24T14:40:38

So beautiful! Feels like I was laying in the arms of Jesus. Tears flowed down my face during the whole song. Music was the only thing that could touch my heart as a child. Was brought up in a very abusive home as a child, my only escape was music. Thank You Lord for protecting me with the suthing sounds of songs that could touch my heart. Most of the time I would turn off all my feelings cause I didn't know what to do with them, as a child.Thank you for touching these childrens lives by sharing your music with them. God bless your Ministry! AMEN!

  • 2015-10-24T11:57:12

these kids are angels

  • 2015-10-24T00:27:32

i love it

  • 2015-10-22T08:37:22

Wonderful song.

  • 2015-10-22T02:11:18


  • 2015-10-21T12:15:18

I love this song

  • 2015-10-20T23:58:48

I love their beautiful voices.

  • 2015-10-20T18:59:02

the sound of the music drownde out the voices, the music was louder than the voices are . Other than that it would have been beautiful

  • 2015-10-20T04:43:46

this is beautiful the song and the singers

  • 2015-10-20T02:56:51

Great singing and very uplifting to the sullen spirit.

  • 2015-10-20T00:28:04

Great singing piano was too loud too bad

  • 2015-10-19T23:57:37

Very nice, I loved it!!

  • 2015-10-19T22:00:36

It's pleasant, but not chilling. And I don't have goose pimples.

  • 2015-10-19T21:17:21

Very inspiring ! I agree very talented children and all!

  • 2015-10-19T21:06:05

Wow...so moving.

  • 2015-10-19T20:52:00


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