Christianity.com: What is an exorcism and how should Christians view them?-Russell Moore



  • 2012-01-16T17:05:34

my younger brothers girlfriend literly got a demon attached to her swear to god about a year ago she was one of thos emos that wher in to all kinds of weid ocullt stuff and ouija borads it started off just small stuff happening every now and then but it started to get worse and worse like every cubbord and draw would open at the same time in the kitchen, objects moving in the house just floating, then they started waking up with a force pushing on ther chest couldn't breath properly couldn't even get out of bed, sometimes a chocking sensation, the atmospher in the house was bezzare freezing cold in the middle of summer with no aircone, weird stench in the air the air felt kinda thick its hard to explain the feeling, ner the end of it she actually fainted we thought she was dead and then started yellin weird stuff in another language a language iv never herd before did not even sound like her voice and hysterical mad laughing scared me so much I got a chatholic priest exorcist around as soon as he walk in it whent absolutly nuts sprinkled holly water everwhere and he demanded it out with the word of god in the name of jesus christ it worked in about 15 minutes since then it completly was gone nothing weird happend again, ther is no dout in my mind demons exist and this stuff does happen, alott of people think this stuff is a joke it is not. since then I have became a christian.

  • 2011-11-08T01:51:55

I think the Prof makes a good point. Jesus spoke about these things. Will we be so arrogant as to think there is no threat from demonic activity? Hopefully Christians will consider the potential seriousness of the threat AND be prepared to deal with it.

  • 2011-11-02T19:49:27

Why is an adveret with naked women on this site?

  • 2011-10-26T08:09:34

Thank you. All Christians need to be constantly reminded that demonic activities are real in this world and that we really need to pray A LOT regularly. We must proclaim the name of Jesus and His victory verbally and with actuality in our daily life by doing God's will.

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