So beautiful - 11 Year Old Singer - He Wants It All



  • 2012-01-11T01:31:56

Beautiful voice!

  • 2011-12-17T22:26:18

Amazing Singer! Move over justin bieber! lol

  • 2011-11-02T15:19:14

such a blessing to see our future still have a chance with young singers like this. Thank god for who help her to see this. Continue to be blessed.

  • 2011-10-30T17:19:56

Everyone thinks this is amazing? I'm grieved to the core of my being! She's beautiful and has a great voice. But, what I see is arrogance, and a put on performance. I see someone who has been trained on how to stand, how to sing, how to move their arms. I see a duplicate that sounds and looks like the world. I see a young girl who has a powerful voice and can hit the notes, but it's full of self. Where's the annointing? Isn't what we do supposed to be about Our Creator, the Lord God with all of his glory, and might, and majesty? This was not inspirational...

  • 2011-09-18T20:20:14

Amazin u go girl :)

  • 2011-09-12T06:41:44

Beautifully sang to His glory. God will continue to inspiring young ones like you to glorify Him with your talent. Keep it up and you will for sure go places for Him...

  • 2011-07-20T07:55:00

She is Amazing! To God Be The Glory!

  • 2011-07-20T03:38:53

I'd love to interview Elizabeth on my radio show! Contact me! [email protected]

  • 2011-07-19T10:50:48

amazing song, this girl has a voice sent from the Lord,

  • 2011-07-13T00:59:46

The annointing of God is on this young lady wow! A bright future excellent.

  • 2011-07-09T04:17:35

it iss a reallyy beautiful songg. mary mary have somee really good songs on there new cd too

  • 2011-07-09T04:10:51

OMG this is one of my all time favs...I adore this song :)

  • 2011-07-09T04:05:37

yesss it iss this lil girl is doin it lol i was on this website called godtube.com it has alot of cool videos

  • 2011-07-09T04:00:36

she sounds beautiful I love it.

  • 2011-07-07T02:28:15

It's one thing to have a voice capable of ornamentation. It's quite another to oversing and overornament. This was very refreshing.

  • 2011-07-07T02:26:49

Finally a talented young lady who doesn't believe that it's all about ornamentation. Ornamentation is so over-rated and anymore is just plain boring. Sing with your HEART when you sing to the Father!

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