Cute Puppy Catches Ball in Paws



  • 2012-03-26T17:36:38

What kind of dog is this? :) So cute, I want it <3.

  • 2012-03-11T19:26:29

My dog can roll over 21,43 tims.

  • 2011-12-13T20:09:56

Dogs are more smart then humans give them credit for. I Have taught my little dog to say I love you. And if you don't put enough puppy food in her bowl at feeding time she will bring her bowl to u for more. She is very smart and precious.

  • 2011-12-09T00:58:40


  • 2011-12-03T13:19:15

This sure ain't any visual effects; it's God all the way.

  • 2011-10-19T00:34:10


  • 2011-09-11T20:35:56

adorable! God has blessed this dog!

  • 2011-08-30T12:49:26

Sooo cute! Love this! I also have a dog but he can't do THIS.

  • 2011-08-27T23:09:31

Beagles are very smart animals. We have owned one and he showed us daily just how smart.

  • 2011-08-25T13:51:19

It's so cute and I don't believe this is fake.

  • 2011-08-25T01:43:37

good boy...i like sow much

  • 2011-08-24T17:06:24

What?? I hope you are kidding.....That was nothing but the real thing, there was even a little mistake in there, robots, they are perfect ya know, when he caught his ball correctly you can see he went for his treat, I think a robot would pass on the treat....This real pup did awesome!!

  • 2011-08-24T15:54:08

then u have bad sense of reality

  • 2011-08-10T14:17:27

That's so fake! You can obviously tell that's a Japanese robot Beagle at 00:30 when he leaks some hydraulic fluid on the rug! FAKE!

  • 2011-06-20T21:06:58

Cute! My dog can't do that!

  • 2011-06-13T17:24:40

He catches better than TO.

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