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Rich in Good Works
How can
you encourage other believers in Jesus to “be rich in good works”?

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Tyler Perry's Success Secret | The Grace of God



  • 2014-07-04T16:28:43

Thanks for sharing your testimony! It truly has encourage me to hold on to that one dream and focus on that dream no matter the disappointments and discouraging words of people who thinks it will never works or never happen!!! You say it right to focus on that seed, that seed that God has planted way down inside of me, that seed that will never dies even when at times I feel like It's dead there is that tingling feeling and light glowing on the inside of me keeping telling me to continue to water that seed and to trust God no matter what it look like or feel like... I don't know if there will be other seeds but one thing I know is that I'll continue water that seed and keep stepping out on faith as The Lord leads and guides me no mother how crazy it looks! and HIS GRACE will see me through...Thanks again for sharing your testimony

  • 2013-11-13T08:08:36

Man this is awesome. I am hear to tell you thank you. I use your story as inspiration man. I remember my parents telling me how you were homeless and still did your thing, man GOD is good and grace is the perfect word to describe what he does for us. I am in the military and I have been for the last 6 years strong. Now at 6 years in and in the middle of prophesying to my best friend back home.. GOD told me in the clearest I have ever heard him speak.. It is time for me to get out the military and go into the ministry. With a family of a beautiful wife 2 kids and one on the way and I am about to go into the ministry. I brought up all these question to him and all he said was, you will be a millionaire and you will be able to help those you have always wanted to help. So here I am with 2 years left in the military preparing to get out. I have a peace beyond all understanding man, because I know I have been getting groomed and trained for this day. Every time I think about being scared, God reminds me that Jesus to the rich man in order to get into heaven he would have to give up everything. Man I am giving it up. I thank you for your testimony and words of wisdom cause I now know the loss is much less in comparison to gain. God Bless you boss.