Christian Teen Shares Final Thoughts Before His Death



  • 2011-12-31T20:00:01

Thank You Angel for sharing a bit of heaven with us. XO

  • 2011-12-31T19:46:09

Look folks, I'm sorry for the contention my comments created. It wasn't my intention. This discussion IS important. Christianity is desperately watered down today and it needs to be challenged. But this particular video is not the forum to continue such a discussion because of the nature of it. Perhaps we can pick up this friendly discussion another time. As I've already stated, and will state again from my heart, I pray that the Breedloves fiind God's grace sufficient at this time, and that they will find true faith in Jesus Christ, if they haven't already.

  • 2011-12-31T19:35:27

Kym Crow Puga we know that most of the world is "religious." Meaning that most of the world would believe in a "God." Narrowing it down, we also know that most Americans still claim to be "Christian." But Bible-believing Christians know that most of those people are not Christians simply because they say they are. (The path to life is narrow, Matt. 7:14.) When someone tells me that they believe in God, my first response is "Good, now tell me more ABOUT what you believe in regarding God." Why? Because as a Christian, it is my duty to point people to true faith in God as found in the Bible, not just be content that they have a belief in God, and go on my merry way. I would consider that very negligent. Claims mean nothing. It's the fruit that matters, and I think one of the Christian's jobs is to be a fruit inspector for the glory of God. Being such helps verify claims, and that is nothing wrong with that.

  • 2011-12-31T19:33:29

Paul Abigail Miller I am not making a determination one way or another, it is not my place to judge, I can't even judge whether or not you are truly a Christian until we all get to Heaven and find out for ourselves... I say let each one discern for themselves and leave it at that... I would hate to think that you are judging every person you come across who professes to believe in God or professes to be a Christian. My response to this video was for what it is, a testimony from a young man who fought the battle of his life and who had a very meaningful experience through his near-death experiences. I can't question that or question those who have only positive things to say about this young man and his desire to share that with others or who choose to encourage his family. I will not take away from that... and, that being said, this whole conversion is taking away from it, so this will be my last post on the matter. May God of all comfort, hold Ben's family in His arms during this time of loss and show them all His great love!!

  • 2011-12-31T19:11:58

Becky Dearinger Williams may I turn the tables a little and ask you a question based on your reasoning? How can you (if you are) and others here accept ONE VIDEO as proof that Ben IS in heaven? You see, it goes both ways. We all have limited information, and I find it alarming that such conclusions would be drawn based upon the emotions that surround this tragedy. My issue is not concerning whether or not Ben Breedlove is in heaven. I REALLY HOPE HE IS. My issue concerns the comments from OTHER GodTubers who watched this ONE VIDEO and concluded that Ben IS in heaven based upon it. And my response to THEM (not Ben or his family) was, "What did you see in the video that led you to conclude that Ben was born again and in heaven today?" By the way, I keep seeing folks say that the family posted the video. Is that for certain? Because I looked at their other videos and I don't see any of Ben's there, and you would think that if it was his family they would have posted his other videos.

  • 2011-12-31T18:45:59

Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all HIS benefits, Who forgives all of your sins, and heals all of your diseases, Who redeems your life from the pit, Who crowns you with Love and compassion; Who satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagles. Psalm 103:2-5 ♥ Praise HIM, Always! ♥

  • 2011-12-31T18:32:36

Our Mother saw the same Light when I was 5 and my brother 2. Mom was the last polio victim in Chicago in 1945, plus pneumonia. Mom told us she ( like Ben) felt peace and serenity as she rose through a tube of light heavenwards. Meanwhile here on Earth, Dad was crying and calling to her, "Judy! Judy! Don't leave us. I can't raise our children without you." Mom sighed. And returned. And can you believe she had such faith in God that she later birthed our dear little Sister, Cheri. Mom and I played our last game of cards the evening before she returned to Heaven... at age 74.

  • 2011-12-31T18:25:35

Farrell Clark How on earth would YOU know if this child had confessed his belief or not? this is ridiculous that you and Paul Abigail Miller have decided to take away from this page and this family's love and grief to shout out your thoughts and beliefs and debates on Chrisianity here! I honestly believe as a Christian who has confessed her sins before God and who is a believer and who IS a Christian that Jesus would NEVER debate all of this....here. This is not the time or the place! Once again...I pray for you to find the LOVE of God and not all of this back and forth argument of who's version or interpretation is correct. This makes me sad as a Christian when Ben's faith and his evident belief and his evident wish for others to see his words and his strength during his life of struggles that he always turned to GOD and knew he wanted to be with God. Please all of you "preachers" leave this page and let the rest of enjoy Ben and his loving wish that we all believe in God be the point and the subject of BENS video.......

  • 2011-12-31T18:14:40

Salvation is more than just believing in God. Its confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior. Satan and the demons believe in God

  • 2011-12-31T17:50:26

CarlosnEdith Murillo God Bless you, you will be in my thoughts and prayers also.

  • 2011-12-31T17:48:41

I am sure that when Ben stated, "Do you believe in GOD, I do" that says he was a beleiver, therefore if his parents stated he was a Christian, they knew he had confessed his beleif that Jesus Christ was his Savior. How can anyone judge or be questioning this childs Christianity? I am very sad for you Paul Abigail MIller that a time like this or times as such as these when a teen DOES state on a white card that He DOES believe in GOD, that someone such as yourself would bring such a negative none Christian attitude of judgement to this page and this family. I pray for you, that you may know the LOVE of GOD and his uncondional non judgemnt.

  • 2011-12-31T17:30:21

http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=FMJB2CNU Thanks ben

  • 2011-12-31T16:14:33

Why is this even a long drawn out conversation? If the family posted the video and said Ben was a Christian then there is nothing more to discuss. And regardless of what you think about his favorite rapper, every last one of us fall short of the glory of God. Ben could have saw something prophetic in not only his life, but Kid Cudi's life as well. Or it could have been his sub concious tapping into his happiness and bringing it forth... Kid Cudi makes him happy as does God... so what are we really arguing here? Only God knows our heart and he gives everyone the ability to know his son Jesus Christ and have the promis of eternal life. If Ben's parents posted this video and claimed he was a Christian, then let us not question, but rejoice and be glad in it!

  • 2011-12-31T14:55:42

Paul ~ The problem is that you are basing your opinion on whether or not this young man is a born again Christian on ONE VIDEO! You never met the young man or know him personally, therefore, have no right or basis to RIGHTLY "judge" his relationship with God. That is very disturbing to me. I hope you are never personally judged based on one experience that you have with someone and am SO thankful that GOD does not judge us so harshly. "Man looks on the outward, but God looks at the heart." No one can see anyone's heart but our Creator himself. The bottom line is, you are questioning, for his parents and all of his loved ones to see, whether he is now in heaven or not. That, in itself, is highly inappropriate here! We all know and agree that there is one way to salvation and that is through Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made for us. As stated above, this is meant to be an "inspirational" message, and if it inspires others to seek God, then Ben did what he set out to do. It is not people that bring others to a saving knowledge of God, it is the Holy Spirit.

  • 2011-12-31T14:16:51

Ben was ready to meet the Lord because he had seen the joy of what living in heaven would be like. What an amazing story. I am sure Ben's parents are so very proud of him.

  • 2011-12-31T13:09:59

You too Carrie, May you and your family have a great new year.

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