Puppy Acts as Seeing Eye Dog for Another Dog - HEARTWARMING



  • 2012-10-19T12:33:44

Does anyone kow if they have been aopted yet?

  • 2012-06-01T03:29:29

I wish I could my own dog, but no pets allowed at the apartments. Someday....I will see my dogs and cats are in Heaven. Heaven is better than the earth. Because there are so many houses and apartments policies here here on this earth. That's not fair!

  • 2012-05-29T13:57:40

I love this! Wish people would care for one another as these dogs do! Simply beautiful!

  • 2012-05-26T14:49:31

It never ceases to amaze me what God can do!

  • 2012-05-14T00:33:56

That is so cute.

  • 2012-05-07T07:39:41

has this couple been adopted yet?

  • 2012-05-05T19:02:18

How does one go about adopting these two? This story HAS to have no other ending than that.

  • 2012-05-05T00:26:15

have the dogs been adopted?

  • 2012-05-04T19:16:14

Must be a slow day today

  • 2012-05-04T18:58:04

Hi pray someone has them in their home already.

  • 2012-05-03T20:39:18

I will take them both.

  • 2012-05-03T18:52:16

No animal is more loyal or faithful than a dog! Awesome story!

  • 2012-05-03T14:20:49

This is so precious. It's amazing with we take for granted that animals can feel understand, and sense.

  • 2012-05-02T21:12:47

Our dog Abby was a seeing eye dog for out dog Casey.

  • 2012-05-02T19:28:55

that is so awsome loved it.

  • 2012-05-02T16:52:46

Hope they get adopted by someone who will love them both!

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